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-Fast and efficient mixing capable of mixing up to 30 batches per hour
-Equipped with spray nozzles to adding multiple liquids
-sealing of bottom damper
-Easy access to liquid systems     
-The ability to add different liquids and easy access for cleaning machine    
Asiab turbo mix high-speed efficient mixing                                                                                    
-The paddle layout according to product type      
-Moto two rounds.
-Hygienist blades adjustable pedals the distance to the wall mixer
-Batch: 2800 l or1000 kg coarse grained meal
-Mixing time: 60.90 sec
-fast filling and discharge: 10sec
-energy efficient mixing: 1.3 of conventional mixers   
-Liquid addition through 2.3 nozzles.
-Stainless steel
-No cross – contamination         
-Hygienic design                     
-Full discharge with rotation axis mixer   
-Easy cleaning of nozzles
-Adjustable hygienist paddles
-Equipped with air bypass.
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Paking mashin
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full automatic bag filling machine video
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- Machine door is entirely stainless steel-made with two knife assemblie
- Magnet: a permanent magnet is fitted in the chute to avoid ferrous metal entering the die
- Overload flap: on the feed conveyor there is an overload flap
- Die holder: die holder is made in forging steel and it has a wear ring. Die holder front base is stainless steel lined to guarantee longer life
- Basement: the pellet mill is built up on a heavy cast iron base that guarantee the absence of vibration
- Main shaft: the front of the shaft is chromed plate for prevent against corrosion
- Drive: the pellet mill is driven by an electric motor via a V-belt transmission. Belts type 5V guarantee the transmission of the motor power with a security factor equal than 1.7
- Shear pin: to protect the pelleting chamber, a shear pin is installed on the rear of the machine
- Lubrication: greasing can be made by the rear of the pellet mill, through the main shaft. In this way, the machine can be lubricated without stop the motor.
                                             Technical Features

NO. Animal feed industry Main Motor power Capacity
poultry feed cattle feed
1 350-108 2x18.5 kw 1.5 - 2 2 - 3
2 420-108 2x45  kw 2 - 3 3 - 5
3 420-138 2x55  kw 4 - 5 5 - 7
4 580-138 2x75  kw 8 - 10 10 - 12
5 580-178 2x75  kw 10 - 12 12 - 15
6 660-178 2x95  kw 14 - 15 16 - 18
7 660-228 2x110  kw 17 - 18 20 - 22
8 840-200 2x132  kw 23 - 25 26 - 30
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Full Automatic Bagging
Up to 500 bags per hour
(   high weighing accuracy (up ±40 gr
-Full automatic sewing system
-Optimized dust control
-Capble of jet printer installation
-Automatic settings for bag changes
-All common types of bag closing devices
-Feeding system with 3 Methods ( conveyor , gate , screw)
-User – friendly touch control panel and PLC control system
-Suitable for use with various kinds of bags ( nylon , paper ,… )
Excellent machine accessibility for cleaning and maintenance
-The ability to change the height of the bag from 70 up to 110 cm
-Ability to connect to ASIAB Group service via the internet for bug fixes and updates
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Replacing Glycerol with Barley, a Right Choice?
Is Glycerol Glycerol an Ideal Substitute for Milk Dairy Rice?
Can this side product affect milk production and milk quality?
The following report is about the research carried out on the subject in Denmark.
Glycerol is a byproduct that comes from the biodiesel industry and is sometimes used in ruminants. Glycerol converts to glucose by the liver and kidney of the livestock and provides the energy required for cellular metabolism.
Interest in the use of glycerol has been increased as a nutrient in feed because of its availability. This lateral product also reduces the cost of animal feed. Hence, it is suitable as a food source for livestock.
Different levels of glycerol were tested.
The purpose of this study is to determine the amount of glycerol that can be used as a food source of nutrients, to be used in the diet and to be used in the dairy cow, mid or late lactation, without affecting the production of milk, milk compounds, fatty acids free milk and milk sensory qualities.
This experiment was conducted on 40 Holstein cows in a livestock unit whose automatic milking unit was located at the Aarhus University of Denmark Cow Research Center. In the combined mixture of ration (PMR) of these dairy cows, raw glycerol replaced the barley and at levels: (Gly0), 0%, (Gly6) 6%, (12 (Gly12%, and Gly18) 18% dry matter diet (DM). When more glycerol was added to the diet, cows consumed less concentrate in the milking salon, and with the increase in the amount of glycerol in the livestock diet, the protein and lactose yield of the produced milk decreased. The researchers noted that with increasing the glycerol ratio in the diet by examining milk fatty acids found palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linoleic acid and amino acid linoleic acid Of milk decreased linearly, while the majority of short and medium chain FFA ratio of milk increased.
By conducting this experiment, researchers conclude that glycerol, as a source of energy in livestock feed, can replace oats and make up 18 percent of the dry matter diet for dairy cows in the middle or after lactation without this. Which has an impact on the quality of milk.
As expected, the milk FFA specification has slightly changed in the diet using glycerol. The effects of glycerol included in animal feed on the taste of fresh and stored milk can be considered marginally. (No appreciable effect). However, adding more than 12% of glycerol in the diet may reduce the true energy of the milk (ECM)
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Micro Dosing
- Weighing system: for weigh,  medicines , single –vitamins and health supplements , accuracy 40 gr per batch
- Capable of performing more than 50 various formula
- Weighing system for mixed weighing of 8-10-12-16 units
- Software Automatic Calibration
- Capable of printer connection
- Intelligent systems for speed and accuracy feeders
- Ability to display Excel file system per formance
- Pneumatic vibration system to easy
- Discharging (pneumatic full discharging)
- Smart changing RPM
- Electrical brake system
- Pc control system
- Ability to connect to ASIAB  Group service center via the internet for bugfixes and updates
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- The unit always operates at 100% refilling preventing any steam leakage
- 100% made of stainless steel
- Installation capability on press pellet, Extruder, Mash, cooler and etc.
- Increase the capacity of press pellet by 20%
- Maintain calorie product at all stages of the pellet, the use of modern cooking methods
- omitting Salmonella fungi
- Increased digestibility
- Thermal system (cold and hot) in second wall
-On-line temperature time, time and humidity system in 8 parts of machine.
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