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Artichoke, purslane and potato salad (Σαλάτα με γλιστρίδα, αγκινάρες και πατάτες)
There is no greater love in the Greek home kitchen than a
warm salad. A salad made with cooked vegetables, rather than leaves and tossed
in a lemony dressing. I love this way of serving vegetables, a meal in
themselves when accompanied by a slice of feta du...

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Stuffed zucchini blossoms: the baked method (Κολοκυθοανθοι γεμιστοι)
In part two of my ode to summery zucchini blossoms, I bring you the recipe for baked blossoms. In part one of this series of posts, I featured the stove top method for cooking these beauties. As I mentioned before, how you prepare the blossoms really depend...

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Gigandes plaki (γιγαντες πλακι)
A variety of beans are used in Greek cooking. Small beans, such as haricot beans are used in fasolada soup or chilled summer salads. However, giant white beans, known as 'butter beans' in English are the sole contenders for being baked in the oven in a clas...

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Melon and feta salad (Σαλατα με πεπoνι και φετα)
A change from the usual watermelon, this super quick, cooling summer meze uses melon. Any type of melon works for this recipe too - depending on the season. As this salad is really quick to throw together and very simple, it does rely on having an absolutel...

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Eatinerary: traditional Athenian eats
In Athens, there are special places that have been a part of the city
for so long that they have become symbolic of the eating culture. Here are just a couple of our favourite Athenian eats, which focus on traditional, old school comfort food. A stop at eac...

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Stuffed zucchini blossoms: the stove top method (Κολοκυθοανθοι γεμιστοι)
As soon as summer arrives, my cravings for stuffed
zucchini blossoms begins. Stuffed zucchini blossoms are a summer staple dish in many Greek homes. They are incredibly delicate and have a subtle flavour, taking well to aromatics such as fresh herbs and lem...

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Watermelon, feta and chilli salad ( Σαλατα με καρπουζι, φετα και πιπερια τσιλι)
I can't imagine summer with out chilled watermelon, its fresh cool juice and crunchy edges. During our summer in Greece last year, every market we visited from Athens to Naxos had stalls selling huge watermelons, all piled up into pyramids or towers. Drivin...

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Mykonos: a guide
So. Mykonos. I have to say I had lower expectations for this
destination on my recent trip to Greece. I don’t revel in all-night parties
anymore (I am sounding a bit like yiayia) and Mykonos reputation as a party
island left me unsure as to what to expect. ...

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Eggplants smothered in garlic (Μελιτζανες σκορδοστουμπι οπως στο Τζαντε)
Give a Greek person a vegetable, any vegetable, and they will transform it into a mouthwatering feast. Summer vegetables, especially succulent tomatoes hardly require any exhaustive transformation because they are just so delicious - all you need is a littl...

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Maeve O'Meara's Mediterranean Islands Safari
After spending some of the European summer indulging in the
beauty of Mediterranean islands such as Sicily and a handful in Greece, it was
only fitting to join the wonderful Gourmet Safari’s “Mediterranean Islands’
tour of Sydney.   Our guide for the day
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