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Panchroma Website Development
Web, mobile, responsive and Joomla CMS design :: based in Moncton New Brunswick Canada
Web, mobile, responsive and Joomla CMS design :: based in Moncton New Brunswick Canada

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Here's a fun terminal command if you are on a Mac, get your laptop to recite a random line from one of Shakespeare's works:

curl -s | head -n $RANDOM | tail -n 1 | say

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I found this in the head of a web page I was working on this morning... I think the business could consider a redesign ;)

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Just stumbled upon this interesting site for convering file formats online.  It claims to work with 180+ different audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet and presentation formats. Maybe a good option the next time someone sends you a file you can't open, or when you need to convert that Word Doc to and ebook

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An easy introduction to Gestalt's Principles of Perception, concepts that can be applied in any design field.

New TLDs 

You are no doubt familiar with the most common Top Level Domain extensions like .COM, .ORG, .NET, or the country specific ones like .CA or .UK

A new series of interesting options are due to be released starting Dec 3rd:

Let us know if you or any of your business colleagues would like to reserve yours.

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If you use Google Analytics there's a wealth of helpful stuff @

Some of the dashboards and reports in there are brilliant ... just find something you like, sign-in to your GA profile then Dashboard > New dashboard and import it from the gallery.

It's a really easy way to learn from the good work done by others!

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We manage a lot of Joomla websites, and for obvious security reasons I'm careful about keeping the installations and installed extensions up to date.

I think I've outdone myself with this extension though.

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Google has an analytics course starting Oct 8th for beginner to intermediate users of Google Analytics.

Judging from the schedule of topics covered, it looks like a good course for anyone wanting to get up to speed with how to use GA and what you can do with the digital analytics.

Unit 1 - Course overview
Unit 2 - Getting started with digital analytics
Unit 3 - Understanding and using Google Analytics data
Unit 4 - Collecting actionable data with Google Analytics
Unit 5 - Navigating Google Analytics reports
Unit 6 - Navigating Conversions reports
Final assessment

FAQs and free registration at 

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Good design really lasts!

I'm intrigued by this early camera design from Kodak, 80 years old and it still looks sharp.

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It still amazes me how well VirtualBox works.  On a Mac with a reasonable amount of RAM and all sorts of software open, it takes less that 5 seconds to open  IE9 / Windows 7. It has made cross browser testing a dream.
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