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Why does Hashem show different reactions while Balaam insists on going to Balak
Rav Hirsch among others explains that if someone insists on trying to disobey Ahashem's will, Hashem will allow him to destroy himself. For example, in the explanation of Balak 22:12-13   Rav Hisrch points out   12   Now had Balaam been a prophet of the Tru...

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Modern Politics and the meraglim
When the meraglim came into Kena'an, Hashem caused a number of deaths so that the meraglim would be ignored. A possible suggestion about the political turmoil throughout the world is to keep the nations so stirred up that they cannot focus their attention o...

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A Bonus Gematriah for Purim
A Bonus Gematriah for Purim   1) 500 people were killed in Shushan, everywhere else, they killed 75,000 people 2) Achshveirosh ruled over 127 countries and if we assume Shushan was one of them, then it comes out that in the remaining 126 countries, they kil...

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Count of Pesukim in each Parsha
The counts were taken from the Art Scroll Chumash notes at the end of each parsha. Note that while the masoretic count of Tzav is 96, A physical count of Pesukim shows 97.  Pekudei does not have a note at the end of the parsha but the Art Scroll commentary ...

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Bechukosai: Seven sins Six punishments
Rashi in Bechukosai shows seven steps of degradation leading to complete destruction. Rav Zalman Sorotzkin in אזנים לתורה (Insights in the Torah) in his commentary on Bechukosai 26:15 connects the seven steps of transgression to the sections of the Tochacha...

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Rabbi Leibtag shiurim: The Hebrew Calendar and its Missing Years- Part One
Kol Torah Webmaster to:
Kol Torah date:
Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 10:06 PM subject:
Kol Torah Parashat Shemini 2015 The
Hebrew Calendar and its Missing Years- Part One by
Reuven Herzog (‘13) and Benjy Koslowe (‘13) Kol
Torah is enormously proud to present ...

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Why the descriptions of Malachim differ so greatly.
Given the references to malachim (angels) many "appearances" are metaphorical only. The meforshim of the angels that visited Avraham (and went to S'dom) explain how three mal'achim came to Avraham and two went to S'dom. Each malach is "created" for its spec...

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Parsha Tazria - Why is Milah in the middle of Tum'ah
The beginning of Tazria speaks of how a woman is tamei for seven days with a boy. This is then followed by the repeat of the commandment for bris milah on the eighth day. The meforshim state that this allows the woman to attend the bris and that this now ca...

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Tetzaveh - Clothes make the man
Parshas Tetzaveh gives the command to make the clothes for the KohenGadol. The word for clothing,בגד [Beged], is the same root as the word for traitor. Clothing is designed to hide flaws and to present the image that one wants others to have. A uniform is d...
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