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Interactive copywriting training. Written by copywriters for copywriters
Interactive copywriting training. Written by copywriters for copywriters


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And what a brilliant show it was.  Big thanks to the guests who made it such an interesting experience.
Challenges, failures, success

Every business owner has a story to tell on one of those subjects.

Would they change anything? Would you?

On today's radio show we ask three very different business owners their story.

Katrina Willis tells us the +Beautiful Bells story.

Stuart Allen tells us the story of how a Twitter hour #WorcestershireHour became a business.

And Sam Graham tell us the story of Thames Security.

+Joy McCarthy AKA +The Copywriting Apprentice is back in the interviewers chair asking the all important questions.

Show time starts at 10 am

You can listen live via our website

We also have our popular cake feature - this time guest presenter +Joy McCarthy bakes the cake. Tasting will be around 11am

#Business   #Radio   #KYBS  
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Why we can't offer advice on contacting or making complaints about People per Hour

The Copywriting Apprentice regrets it is unable to help with contacting People per Hour.  To our knowledge, the organisation does not publish its address or phone number.  We have no associations with People per Hour and cannot offer advice with any problems you might have using its site or services.  

Comments were disabled on this guest blog about People per Hour after the sad death of its author earlier this year. 
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Why assignment marking is so important to a copywriting course

Most people taking our distance learning copywriting course are mature students. They've been  through the education system and often copywriting is a second career. 

A big motivating factor, so important in distance learning, is how their assignments are marked.  Why is it important and why does the Copywriting Apprentice take it so seriously?  Find out here ...
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The importance of SEO copywriting

If you're a copywriter and you don't know enough about SEO copywriting, you're missing a trick.  And you can't deliver full value to your clients either.  Check out this blog which explains why it's so important. 
And if you need to brush up your skills, check out our short SEO copywriting course.  You can learn online for just £95!
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Thinking about #copywriting training?

Not everyone who wants to learn copywriting skills wants to be a full-time copywriter.  So if you're looking for specific skills, should you consider a copywriting workshop or is there an alternative?  There is now!

These short online copywriting courses are an effective and affordable alternative to attending a workshop.  This blog explains why online learning could be the answer you're looking for.
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This testimonial from a student on our copywriting course brought a big smile to our faces ...

The Copywriting Apprentice course takes you from whatever level you are at and guides you through. It starts with foundational basics and gradually builds your copywriting skills and confidence. At the same time it guides you as you start to set up your business. All topics are dealt with in depth, so you can work at your own speed for each, according to where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
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NEW! Online SEO copywriting course

Do you have a business website?  Do you want to improve its performance? SEO copywriting can do just that.

Now you can learn how to write effective SEO copy with this comprehensive online SEO copywriting course from Copywriting Training Ltd for just £95.00!

Copywriting Training Ltd, which also delivers the professional distance learning copywriting course, the Copywriting Apprentice, now offers short online courses ideally suited to the small business owner / manager and everyone involved in writing . 

Check out the SEO copywriting course syllabus here and learn how to make your website fly.
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Thinking about copywriting courses?

Take advantage of our attack of Spring fever. Enrol before 16th May and claim 10% off your copywriting course fees!
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How SEO #Copywriting Made Beautiful Bells Ring

Many small businesses don't recognise the value of investing in SEO copywriting for their websites.  While they invest, often heavily, in the sites themselves, the copy is poorly written.  As a result, the sites don't perform well.  But SEO copywriting is essential to a site's optimisation.

Beautiful Bells, a bell tent hire company specialising in glamping holidays in Hampshire and West Sussex, broke the mould. They realised the huge benefits in having a website that performed well.  So as well as commissioning a website when they launched, they also invested in their copywriting. 

The Beautiful Bells website went live two months ago yesterday.  We knew it was performing well and already 70% of enquiries and bookings are coming from organic searches.  So we ran an SEO check to measure its performance  and the results were staggering. 

Bell tent hire is a market where the suppliers tend not to invest much in their SEO. Because Beautiful Bells have make copywriting a priority, they have put themselves in a very strong position.  Many small businesses could do the same and dominate their market - so why don't they?
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Exciting day here at the Copywriting Apprentice! We're being interviewed by the judges of the WOBA social media awards about our entry.  Best bib & tucker job today then. Wish us luck and if you've got any tips, we'd love to hear them!
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