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Geneva Wilson
Maybe finally starting to "find myself"
Maybe finally starting to "find myself"

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I never remember that I have this account.  I don't have internet at home or cell phone signal for using cellular data. I never remember until I get a notification that another man I've never met has added me to a circle and/or started a conversation

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Getting ready for the Halloween!

A bit of information :
1. I don't have the internet at home so I'm online while at work and out to eat somewhere with free wifi.
2. I'm not looking or interested in using Google+ as a dating type site. Not interested in starting new relationships of any kind.
3. Because of #1 and #2, I don't do chat or conversations, etc.  Sorry.

I never seem to have time to post here or visit. Doesn't help that I don't have the internet at home anymore....

It's been HOW LONG since I was here????  Hmmmm... a while apparently. That's what happens when you forget you signed up for something..... Let's blame it on the post-surgery drugs, shall we?

So I see that 15 or so men have added me to their circle, whatever a circle is.  I don't know any of these men so I don't know where they found me or why they added me.   I haven't added them back as yet.  Lord knows I'm not interested in a relationship other than friendship.

If you added me in your circle, does that mean you can read my posts or just see my picture (a rather old one)????  If you added me recently but I haven't added you, tell me how you found me and why you added me.   Then I'll see about adding you and I'll try to do more with this page.

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Been a while .... again
I keep telling myself to update things on here but it always slips my mind. I'll come up with a way to remember. I had surgery on my right knee (top of Tibia, to be exact) on April 29th and am still recovering somewhat.  Bandages came off after three days a...

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Busy, busy and surgery
I really need to start scheduling blog time at least once a week, if not more.    I'm not sure I can remember everything that has gone on since my last post.  Let's see what I can remember - I finally got my seeds started.  I need to come up with a way to d...

Post has attachment Wish List for Homestead
I started a wish list on for the homestead. I'm sure it will change and grow over time.  I've included items for my cats, dogs and bunny. They are a part of the homestead and getting help with their supplies frees up money to expand and improve t...

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Interesting Saturday
I had a rather interesting day today. More interesting that usual.  First my alarm didn't go off when it was supposed to.  It's a new alarm clock but I think it got knocked onto the floor one too many times. It was set to go off at 745 AM because I work on ...
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