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That moment when you successfully complete and finish a song you made

Tryinf to promote my youtube channel abit more.. 25 subbers. Still trying. Buying an elgato soon so i can record longer

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So...on tuesday...the most horrific thing happened to me.... i had to get my dog ready for a vet appointment and we went out to get him and i found him laying in the garden. We tried to get him to move but he wouldnt he looked like he was poisoned...his pupils were large..his tougue was an ugly color... it scared me badly we carried him to the car and my dad drove us to the vet..i sat in the back with my dog and he was just so wasnt him.. when we were on the expressway things got worse and im sitting here petting him telling him its gonna be okay. I noticed his body tence up and i felt for his heartbeat...he wasnt breathing..... i started to panic i was screaming and crying, pounding on his chest to get him to breathe i was screaming telling him not to leave me...but i was to late...he was gone....he passed in my arms... its haunting.....i cant get the flashbacks to stop.... its so hard... so R.I.P Duke you are missed!
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My goals

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Anyone like horses? Meet my boy!
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My friend drew my oc for me i love this one ❤❤

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Body art Fake Scars. These are not real! Good try though. Trying to make them look real

Anyone up for doing me a favor and drawing an OC for me? Msg me on hangouts

3am...finishes video screw it ill post it tommorow. Passes out on desk night world 😂😂

When you replay the red dead redemption games over again 
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