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Titom Magnetism Gravity
Dual Torus is an aviator leads to next dimension with you, which also abstract model for invisible 4th dimension from our Milky Way.
Dual Torus is an aviator leads to next dimension with you, which also abstract model for invisible 4th dimension from our Milky Way.

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Size free torus

Some readers may be disappointed as if I replace the vacuum which seems to be infinite with that attribute.

It is a problem that I can not solve while I am alive, so keep at least one step beyond infinite size and infinite smallness.

The left side of the linked figure is an abstract four-dimensional sphere in the gauge space, in which a moment which is actually impossible is drawn.

The right side shows the galactic jet in this gauge space, our jet is not strong because our milky way is not young.

The upper and lower torus reveal Super-Symmetry, and furthermore, the circle close to the jet on the side of each torus becomes smaller infinitely if it is made smaller.

Since circles and torus on gauge are conceptual products, they can be infinitely enlarged or can be reduced to nano size while maintaining Absolute-Rationality.

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Mutual orthogonality problem

Galileo, Newton, Einstein was a human being pursuing a great truth in each.

Hubble satellite which remarkably strengthened human eyesight and NASA which operated it are respectfully shown.

Fatacy declares in this sentence.

"Mother magnetic vacuum space" and magnetic force by magnets close to you should be classified.

"Mother magnetic vacuum space" includes dark matter, gamma stealth, repulsive force in the nucleus, radioactive material, space time, quantum, photon, gravity as interfacial tension, nuclear force, life and the like.

The magnetic force by the magnet includes various driving motors, geomagnetism, Alfvén wave which is the energy source of the sun, event horizon, hydronium ion, Compton scattering, isotope of each nucleus, rotation power of the galaxy system, and so on.

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Finally I was expecting a troubling problem about vacuum in space

Kindle seems to be ready for a display device, so I chose it.

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To jump from the 3.5-dimensional to 4-dimensional
There is a crucial difference in the way of time recognition.

The most prominent event, 
is the emission of a photon coming doing along the space, 
it is that propagation ratio of so-called speed of light.

10 billion years ago and after 10 billion years is 
the situation that melted into soup that a moment.
Of course, the vacuum of memory - so feature enabled, 
move to both logically is possible.

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A Noah's Ark Synchoronized Protein , and say in an easy-to-understand it is like being free rental a 3.5-dimensional time only for humanity that formed the cognition from the universe.
To ensure the continuous energy linked to the moments, these mission has created a wave mechanics of current humanity until his perish.
Nuclear war in the cup, the freedom of the given mankind is less than four-dimensional.
Although it is my hope, remaining debris of the proteins of the human race even shattered in the future the sun, we will continue to float.

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4D Tornado model in Galaxy Time and Energy 
We are an accretion disk creature of Milky Way galaxy

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free talking about galaxy by fatacy

I'll Begin New Stories Of Galaxy In And Out Structures With WIMP

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However, motherhood is obliged to bear the information transfer between generations.
This is the thesis of from when the DNA has been formed.
Mitochondria Duty (Charm beauty)

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Saturn's Ring herical rotation  by Cassini Huygens NASA

This picture is a evidence to the entrance of parallel world.
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