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Jerry Ghionis
Photographer, teacher, creator of the Ice Society, inventor of the Ice Light
Photographer, teacher, creator of the Ice Society, inventor of the Ice Light

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I am so excited to announce the release of a new invention of mine! Since the release of the Ice Light over a couple of years ago, my juices have been flowing to solve common problems when it comes to lighting for photographers.

I am proud to announce the world's first 10 in 1 "shoot through" reflector, the Omega Reflector! The Omega Reflector combines the effect of a traditional reflector with the luxury of a beauty dish and a ring flash, offering the ultimate lighting control for gorgeous beauty lighting!

Using just one light source, you can produce a main light and a back/hair light and create gorgeous beauty lighting quickly and easily. Manufactured by Westcott, it’s unique design creates incredible catch lights that make eyes pop! Suction cups are included for quick mounting to glass and a durable travel case with a shoulder strap for effortless travel and portability.
We are doing a pre-sale for a reduced price of only $99 (Normal price $119.90)
It will be delivered within 8+ weeks. Your credit card will not be charged until the Omega has been shipped. BTW You will not get the Omega quicker any else in the world as we have the first limited stock. As inventory becomes available, other dealers will have stock in the upcoming weeks.
For more information, examples and to purchase, visit

Join Melissa and I for a free online chat tomorrow (Wed August 27) at 2pm PDT (West coast USA) Click the following link for the exact time in your part of the world: We'll answer questions and share valuable tips and suggestions about photography and business. As usual, we'll also have thousands of dollars in free gifts - including an Ice Light! - that we'll be giving away.

Click the following link for more info and how to tune in:

I am so excited to announce to that Melissa and I will be touring North America this September and October. This is truly my first solo national US tour! 33 cities, 9 weeks on the road and the most ambitious series of seminars and workshops I have ever presented. You can share a day with me, an evening or stay for the full experience. During the day I will be shooting all day in 2 ever changing sets while tethered to the screen. I will be sharing my posing, lighting and creative techniques and much more! The evening will be a perfect complement to the day seminar as I share a lot of my never-before-seen work and I will teach you how to bring out the best in any situation and even evoke emotion from your subjects. I will teach you HOW TO WOW! For more information and to register, visit Can't wait to make a huge difference in your photography!

Please share!

A perfect movie for the new year and some thoughts I want to share for 2014...

You have to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty! I have seen it twice in over a week. It's one of my favorite movies ever! Great story and premise. The cast is perfect and there is a great balance of humor, drama, action and it has an ending that doesn't disappoint. There is something in it for everyone but you will appreciate it even more as a photographer. Apart from the amazing photography in it, there many things that resonated with me.

We spend our lives immortalizing moments for others and often at the expense of our own. I encourage you to use what you do for a living to create a life for yourself rather than be robbed of it. I understand that we are all at different stages of our career and sometimes we have to work our butts off to just survive let alone thrive. But the problem is that as photographers we don't know where to draw the line. I encourage you to turn off the computer by 6pm every weeknight. If you are not shooting a wedding on the weekend, don't touch the computer. Enjoy your life with your loved ones. That email can wait. That job can wait. Don't worry, they'll be there in the morning. Use your photography to create and protect your happiness.

Another thing that the movie reminded me of is that how many people try to preserve a moment that didn't even exist. How many times have you been to an amazing place like the Eiffel Tower for example and no sooner than people get to it, they are taking out their iphones to preserve the moment that didn't even exist rather than soaking it in.

I remember presenting a workshop in Rome a couple of years ago. I timed being at the Colosseum at sunset. The burnt orange light was kissing the Colosseum. After creating a few shots, the body language of my students was suggesting "Where do we go now?" Over half the class had never been to Rome, let alone seen the Colosseum. I asked everyone to put their cameras down and soak it in. The play of light in the following 15 minutes or so was breathtaking. I will never forget that moment. Half the class were in tears by the time we left our vantage point.

Melissa and I were at a Harry Connick Junior concert and Harry actually stopped his performance to ask a fan to stop filming. She thought he was joking. Harry said, "I'm right here, enjoy me now." How many times do we try to show the rest of the world "how great our life is" when we are not truly soaking in every moment. A quote from Sean Penn's character that I enjoyed is "beauty doesn't ask for attention." I won't spoil it for you but there is another quote you will enjoy from him as well about being in the moment.

 Ultimately anyone's job will take time away from their families but if we are paid to immortalize moments for others at the expense of our own that has to be worth something. Yes, we all start somewhere and to this day I do many personal shoots for free. But if someone is commissioning you to create some photographs, then that is a different story. When charging a client, ask yourself, "What will make feel ok to leave my own family to immortalize moments for other families?" When people don't pay anything or next to nothing, they don't respect or value you or your service. Work hard at your craft and your business. You ultimately get the clients you deserve.

I believe true happiness starts with knowing who you are and being with people you love and who love you unconditionally. No judgment, no negativity. Once your basic necessities are met, it doesn't take a lot of money to live happily. Most circumstances are beyond our control but I believe happiness is a choice. Time, love, health, family and friends are the most important things in life. I live an extraordinary life with Melissa Ghionis but we treasure the simple things the most. The thing is, we know it. We appreciate and are thankful for everything. We take nothing for granted. We work hard to protect and preserve our happiness. Melissa Ghionis and I wish you the same clarity and happiness for the 2014 and beyond. To your success!

Ice Light SALE! Save $50 off the Ice Light until September 9. See my blog for more details including the behind the scenes video of the epic Ice Light commercial.
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