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This is the funniest thing I have read in a while! 
Kanye West's narcissistic blather is even funnier when added to inspirational poster images.

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Me and my son pounding it out.

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Sperm doesn’t appear to forget anything. Stress felt by dad—whether as a preadolescent or adult—leaves a lasting impression on his sperm that gives sons and daughters a blunted reaction to stress, a response linked to several mental disorders. The findings, published in a new preclinical study in the Journal of Neuroscience by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, point to a never-before-seen epigenetic link to stress-related diseases such as anxiety and depression passed from father to child.

While environmental challenges, like diet, drug abuse, and chronic stress, felt by mothers during pregnancy have been shown to affect offspring neurodevelopment and increase the risk for certain diseases, dad’s influence on his children are less well understood. The effects of lifelong exposures to dad on children are even more out of reach.

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How ironic
Some Food Corporations Who Oppose Prop 37 Own Organic Businesses!

Many huge food conglomerates have joined Monsanto's gang in an effort to defeat Prop 37 in California on November 6. 

Proposition 37 is a ballot initiative that will require genetically engineered foods to be labeled as such, and would prevent deceptive marketing tactics of labeling GMO foods as “natural.”

The irony is that most of the companies lobbying against Prop 37 also have a stake in the organic industry.

Although this is taking place in California, the issue of whether or not consumers have the right to know what's in the food they eat concerns all citizens of the United States and the rest of the planet. This is the biggest food fight we have ever faced. And if we win this historic battle in California, it may very well be the beginning of a global food revolution. These companies export their products across the world. They can make whatever they want but the public has the right to know if there is GMOs in the food they buy.

It's good know what companies and organic brands to black list on my shopping list. 

See the complete chart of companies that are contributing major dollars to defeat Prop 37 and also own organic brands.:

- General Mills owns organic or "natural" brands including Cascadian Farm, Larabar and Muir Glen. 

- Pepsi owns Naked Juice.

- Nestle owns Tribe Mediterranean Food.

- Cocacola owns Odwalla.

- Kellogg owns Bear Naked, Morningstar Farms, Natural Touch, Kashi and Wholesome & Hearty.

- Hershey Company owns Dagoba Organic Chocolate.

- Dean Foods Co. owns Silk, White Wave, Alta Dena, and Horizon, which owns the Organic Cow of Vermont.

Here is the list of companies fighting to keep us in the dark and the contributions they're making to lobby against Prop 37. Their effort clearly shows why it's so crucial that Californians vote in favor of GMO labeling. There is a lot wrong with this picture, but it's good to know who we give our dollars to and profit at the expense of our health.

Monsanto Company = $4,208,000
DuPont Pioneer = $2,441,500
PepsiCo Inc. = $1,716,300
BASF Plant Science = $1,642,300
Bayer CropScience = $1,618,400 
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. = $1,273,600
Dow Agrosciences LLC = $1,184,800
Nestle USA = $1,169,400
Coca-Cola North America = $1,164,400
ConAgra Foods = $1,076,700
Syngenta Corporation = $821,300 
Kellogg Co. = $632,500
Council for Biotechnology Information = $625,000
General Mills Inc. = $519,401
Hershey Company = $395,100
J.M. Smucker Co. = $388,000
Grocery Manufacturers Association = $375,000
Hormel Foods Corp. = $374,300
Bimbo Bakeries USA = $338,300
Pioneer Hi-Bred International (a DuPont business) = $310,100
Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. = $301,553
Pinnacle Foods Group LLC = $266,100
Dean Foods Co. = $253,950
Biotech Industry Organization = $250,000
McCormick & Co. Inc. = $248,200
Rich Products Corp. = $225,537
Cargill Inc. = $202,229
Del Monte Foods Co. = $189,975
Knouse Foods Cooperative = $131,409
W.M. Wrigley Jr. Co. = $116,866
Mars Food North America = $100,243
Bumble Bee Foods LLC = $98,074
Sara Lee Corp. = $96,833
Sunny Delight Beverages Co. = $93,796
Campbell Soup Co. = $70,455 
Solae LLC (Affiliated with DuPont & Monsanto = $59,215
McCain Foods USA = $50,593
Dole Packaged Foods Co. = $45,580

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Scary stuff.

I love the advantages of having everything in the cloud but it's amazing how quickly we can lose it all.

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Great commercial! Great idea.

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I'm at FLL airport and there's a guy about my age here who has no arms and no legs. He's getting around on an electric wheelchair, and using a stick to help manipulate things...

...and I just can't stop thinking: "*what a total badass*."

I mean, to take on life at such an unfair disadvantage, and for technology to have made so much possible in just the last 30 years...

Then I noticed all the other people walking around the airport: people in wheelchairs, elderly who would never still be alive in the wild, people with service dogs... and it struck me how very much we rely upon our technology to survive, and how it's completely awesome.

People keep worrying that our reliance on technology makes us less human, but I'd stongly argue the opposite: technology is allowing all of us to be more human... And I suspect it will just continue to do so, in strange and surprising ways.

So I guess I just noticed how we're all becoming cyborgs... And how wonderful and human it's making us.
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