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Yes, You Need a Style Guide

Sometimes known as graphic standards or #brand guidelines, a #styleguide is essential to keeping your brand identity consistent. Every brand, from the smallest startup to the biggest industry leader needs a set of branding guidelines and rules to maintain its identity and control what the public sees.
Referred to in the marketing department as "The Brand Bible,” this manual establishes the voice and governs communication of a company.

Start With The 3 Basics

1. Logo
Remember that the purpose of a style guide is to establish and enforce style to improve communication. There is no better place to start than the logo. A professional looking, well designed logo builds trust. Establish the following guidelines for your logo:

Show all variations of the logo and where they should and should not be used
List rules regarding modifying the logo and what shouldn’t ever be done
Describe and show proper placement and spacing of the logo
Explain and show examples of how the logo should and should not appear in different scenarios and backgrounds

Although you may think this level of documentation is overkill for small businesses, you couldn’t be more wrong. Inconsistent use of your brand's logo can hurt your business and confuse your audience. Remember, your logo is the simplest thing people have to identify your brand… so why take chances?

2. Fonts
It is important to present a consistent visual identity across as many mediums as possible, so make sure you use a font family or two, exclusively. These fonts should have a defined style for every use, for both print and digital applications.

A bigger brand may have three or four typefaces, but I suggest keeping it simple by selecting two; maybe a serif and a sans serif typeface. However, make sure the typefaces have some common links. Your manual should include one set of rules for print projects and another for digital applications. For example, body text for web commonly uses a sans serif typeface, whereas you may prefer a serif style for print.

3. Colors
Everyone loves color, right? Selecting a few colors that best represent and compliment your industry, audience, and brand message seems easy. However, this may be the trickiest and most broken set of rules you will encounter. A defined set of colors or a color palette is one of the most important aspects of your style guide and the rules should outline each color and how it should be used. This includes colors that appear only in a logo, as well as colors that are used for backgrounds, text and other design elements.
Choose primary, secondary and maybe even a tertiary set of colors for your palette. From CMYK and PMS for print to RGB and HEX for web and digital projects, your style guide should clearly define each color by name and color value for a variety of projects. Keep it simple by limiting your number of colors and tints to a minimum.
Grow Your Guide

As your company grows, so does your communication efforts and style guide. More than colors and fonts, your guide will need to address several marketing disciplines.

Here are a few things you can add as your branding needs grow:
• Letterhead and business card design
• Image use specifications, including photography style
• Writing style and voice
• Social media guidelines

From social media and advertising to logo usage and color palettes, a style guide defines the guidelines for maintaining a brand’s identity, so it’s very important to spend the time and resources to get it right. The ultimate goal is to create a consistent and unified brand presence.

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A New Website for CSBA: The Future of National Security

The new offers an innovative user experience worthy of a national public policy research institute who is a leading source of independent, ground-breaking research focused on the future of defense. To reach and maintain the level of excellence the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments' demands, they selected #MoireMarketingPartners team of strategists and designers to build and support their site.

The project began with an immersive process designed to translate CSBA’s brand promise and functional requirements into a high-end website design that leverages powerful features and the latest web technologies available. Moiré was engaged throughout the design phase to advise and gather requirements for the front-end #website and the CMS.

With hundreds of publications, reports, news and events, detailed pages for services, industries and research, the site’s architecture, design and search features all work together to empower the user to quickly navigate, find and save the content they need. The combination of best of breed design and technology has created a truly empowering user experience for both #CSBA and their users. The resulting represents what many consider the new standard for a think tank website—the perfect combination of user-focused design, resources and technology.

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Temple’s Fox School of Business: Fox Focus Magazine

#Temple University’s Fox School of Business is proud of the success and entrepreneurial spirit of their students and alumni, and it shows. Highlighted in the most recent issue of Fox Focus is alumni who have succeeded in the entertainment and culinary arts industries. The featured alumnus is Grammy Award-winning keyboardist, James Poyser, graduating, BBA ‘ 93. The cover article covers Mr. Poyser’s journey from Fox School of Business to The Roots and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Other featured Temple University alumni are Axis Music Group's Chauncey Childs, Actress Tamara Woods, Affinity Confections' Joe Green, and Capogiro Gelato Artisans' Stephanie Reitano.

#MoireMarketingPartners worked closely with the dedicated the Fox team to create an engaging publication using professional photography, well-written articles, and innovative layout design. We couldn’t ask for better partner and look forward to working with them again on the Spring 2017 issue.

#higheredmarketing #magazinedesign #temple

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The Paley Perspective: Paley Rothman Launches a New, Responsive Website

The law firm of Paley Rothman hired #MoireMarketingPartners, as part of their new brand, to create a new, responsive website. To go along with their new website, #PaleyRothamn also hired Moiré to create a new logo and stationery suite.

The new responsive website is built on Moiré's open source, non-proprietary Content Management System - LawEngine – and updated attorney bios and photos add a personal touch. The logo depicts a powerful, confident and united firm. All together, Hausfeld's new brand with lives up to their unparalleled service.

Clients have come to rely on Paley Rothman to identify and address the salient issues, analyze and interpret complex information and develop and implement solution-oriented strategies that protect their interests and ensure their long-term success. It is that problem-solving perspective, combined with a legal sophistication and a unique understanding of the ever-changing business landscape, that enables Paley's lawyers to assist clients in achieving favorable results

#legalmarketing   #lawfirmwebsites   #paleyrothman  

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GW Law Magazine – 150 Years of Making History

The George Washington University Law School (GW Law) hired #MoireMarketingPartners to design and produce a their "150 Years of GW Law" special edition of the university's magazine. GW Law alumni and news magazine is published twice a year, providing news and in-depth features.

Established in 1865, #GWLaw is the oldest law school in Washington, DC. The school is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a charter member of the Association of American Law Schools. The Law School is located on the GW campus in the downtown neighborhood familiarly known as Foggy Bottom in Washington, DC. GW Law has produced some of the finest minds across the spectrum of legal scholarship. That tradition continues today, as GW Law graduates use the knowledge and skills they gain here to influence the critical legal conversations of our times. 

#higheredmarketing   #alumnimagazines   #publicationdesign  

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Walden University’s New Website

#MoireMarketingPartners helped #Laureate Education's #Walden University update and improve their main website and several microsites, to better communicate and meet the demands of prospective and existing student. These revisions improved the students user experience and provided critical information in a well thought out, smart and creative format.

Moire Marketing Partners and Laureate Education have been working in partnership with each other for more than 12 years creating innovative print, advertising and online marketing and communications campaigns and materials. Walden University is a global leader in online education with more than 113,000 students and alumni who are making a positive change in their careers—and the lives of others.

#higheredmarketing  #websitedesign #micrositedesign

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Executive Portraits, Biography Photos or Corporate Headshots, Moiré has all of your photography needs covered with portraits that capture the personality of your brand.

From project management, wardrobe direction and scheduling to sizing and re-touching, Moiré can handle the logistics of getting our photographers to you in every major city in the U.S. and Europe.

#ExecutivePortraits #BiographyPhotos #CorporateHeadshots

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Defining Moments: Temple hires #MoireMarketingPartners to design and produce STHM's alumni magazine – Connections.

Temple University School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Connections, is a annual publication dedicated to keeping Temple University graduates up-to-date on the great things the school is doing for its students, alumni, and the hospitality industry. The 2015 issue features Steven H. Korman’s work as STHM's leading Philanthropist, and the work STHM Alum’s are doing with the Philadelphia 76ers. Moiré and the editorial team at STHM, blended original photography and illustrations with well written articles to create a magazine that captivates and informs thousands of the schools’ alumni. 

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) is the largest provider of tourism, hospitality, sport and recreation management education in the Philadelphia region and an international model for innovative teaching and research. Through classroom instruction, experiential learning and executive education, we prepare talented professionals and scholars for rewarding careers. Our comprehensive programs and research institutes, led by accomplished faculty, are among the nation’s best.

#higheredmarketing   #alumnimagazine   #publicationdesign

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Build your Brand and Business with Alumni Programs

In a competitive economic climate, professional service firms need to capitalize on any edge they can and are finding rich resources when leveraging their alumni network.

Alumni programs have become a crucial way for professional service firms to develop new business, strengthen their brands and recruit the best and brightest. Alumni can become brand ambassadors for a firm, referral sources for new business and references for new hires or “boomerangs” that return to a firm.

Here's a checklist to help you start building your own successful alumni program:

Pay attention to your firm culture – Is your firm conservative or progressive? Do you like to take risks or do you want to maintain the status quo? You’ll need to consider the culture at your firm to determine the best tools to use to engage your alumni.

Engage your alumni in person – There’s nothing better than face time. Build your program around a series of events alumni can attend throughout the year. Happy hours, special family-focused events, receptions and parties as well as continuing education programs are all great ways to engage alumni.

Stay connected – To keep former employees involved, reach out to them with a specialty publication that offers alumni profiles as well as news about the firm. You can build your alumni network with a directory that can be available in print or online or even develop your own social network for alumni to meet and stay in touch.

Take ownership – To stay focused and ensure the success of your program, you’ll need to decide what department at the firm takes ownership of the program. Alumni outreach could fall under the purview of marketing, HR or IT. Consider the way your firm is structured and the outreach you’re planning to identify what group should manage the program.

Measure your efforts – Before you even implement your alumni program, be sure to set objectives. Do you want to increase brand awareness or boost referral sources? Once you know what your goals are, you can identify the most appropriate metrics for measuring the effectiveness of your program.

#alumniprograms   #legalmarketing   #higheredmarketing  

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The law firm of Paley Rothman Unveils New Logo

Paley Rothman has quickly earned a reputation as one of Maryland's law firms of distinction. And now their new, updated identity reflects the law firm's growth and cutting-edge knowledge of the law, yet still embraces the sophistication that makes Paley as worldly as their Washington D.C. metro area clients. To go along with their new brand, the law firm of Paley Rothamn hired #Moire Marketing Partners to create a new logo and stationery suite.

Clients have come to rely on #PaleyRothman to identify and address the salient issues, analyze and interpret complex information and develop and implement solution-oriented strategies that protect their interests and ensure their long-term success. It is that problem-solving perspective, combined with a legal sophistication and a unique understanding of the ever-changing business landscape, that enables Paley's lawyers to assist clients in achieving favorable results.

#legalmarketing   #lawfirmbranding   #logodesign  
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