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So, OpenCart 2 has been out for a while now. How is everyone's experience of it so far? Things you love? Things you hate/want to improve?

Hi all, any developers/designers out there want to promote their theme/extension by offering a promotion though Cart Advisor for free?

Does anyone have any experience in integrating GoodReads API with OpenCart? Or just PHP in general? It's an absolute nightmare!

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Hi, over the last day or two I keep having problems with files not saving and bugging out. Something about the realtime API failing. Do you have any advice on this?

Thanks for a great service by the way!

Any news on the #OpenCart 2.0 release dates anyone? 10th March has passed with no word still... is expanding to include opinion pieces on the software. Would love for people to get involved and have a chance to write about their experiences, ideas and opinions on #OpenCart. Can be anything at all, not necessarily technical, let me know if anyone would like a login!

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I've decided to sell the Cart Advisor website and all of the blogs/tutorials on it. Regular leads for #OpenCart  development, chance to promote your products in front of 10,000+ visitors per month and more. Let me know if anyone is interested. (Selling to concentrate on my day-job career by the way)

Has anyone managed to upgrade a store using OpenBay modules to without it messing up? Got a lot of people asking me about it and Welford Media aren't replying to my customer support queries...

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For those of you who haven't already joined, come and see the #OpenCart  community on Google Plus. Tips, tricks, news and discussions all based around our favourite eCommerce software!
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Well it looks like the #OpenCart  2.0 release we were promised before Christmas never arrived. Anybody got any inside info on a new prospective release date?
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