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It's National Orthodontic Health Month!

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, the best age for children to be seen by an orthodontist for the first time is age 7. Why age 7? What can be done at that age? As you might guess, not every orthodontic problem can be treated at age 7. Surprisingly however, most problems can be identified by that age. Here are a few things that we look for at your child’s first visit.

Tooth Loss and Eruption: Teeth are lost in a fairly specific order. Deviations from this pattern may indicate that a child has dental issues that need attention. Between the ages of 6 and 8, it is normal for a child to lose his first eight primary teeth. Ideally these eight primary incisors are replaced immediately by eight permanent incisors. It is also normal for the child’s first four permanent molars to emerge at age 6 (hence the name “6-year molars”). By age 7, children should have at least four permanent molars and four permanent incisors. If there are more or less teeth than this, there may be problems with crowding, missing, or extra teeth. Sometimes removing a primary tooth early or maintaining a space where a tooth has been lost prematurely can prevent bigger problems later on.

Crowding and Spacing: By age 7 it is possible to tell if a child has a problem with excessive crowding or spacing. Spacing may mean that a baby tooth has been lost prematurely, a tooth never developed, or that the teeth are just too small. Crowding may require that the arches be expanded or that teeth be removed to help improve the situation.

Alignment: Although teeth can be aligned at any age, crooked teeth are more susceptible to uneven wear or damage due to trauma, and the shape and position of the overlying gum tissues can be compromised. Crooked teeth can also have social implications that if dealt with at an early age ( 7 or 8 ) will have less impact on a child’s self-esteem.

Protrusive Front Teeth: As mentioned earlier, by age 7 it is obvious if the front teeth stick out farther than is safe or attractive. Early treatment can help reduce the severity of the problem and make things easier for young patients both dentally and socially.

Underbites: If possible, It is important to try and normalize the anterior bite as early as possible to eliminate bite shifting and damage to the front teeth due to traumatic occlusion. If we see an anterior underbite at age 7, we usually will recommend trying to “jump the bite” at that age to avoid trauma and help guide growth.

Posterior Crossbites: Not only do posterior crossbites create crowding, they may also cause the jaw to shift laterally (to one side or the other. Widening the upper jaw at age 7 can reduce the crowding and create the space necessary for the eruption of the anteriors as well as eliminate any shifting that may be present due to a constricted upper arch.

Anterior Openbites and Deepbites: By age 7 it is possible to detect vertical problems with the bite. Bites that are too deep (where the top teeth completely cover the bottom ones when biting) may indicate that the patient has a small lower jaw. Bites that don’t overlap enough (openbites) may signal that there is a finger or tongue habit that may be causing dental problems. We like to eliminate these destructive habits early so that normal development can occur.

We recommend screening ALL young patients at age 7 so that these and other conditions can be identified and corrected as early as possible. Although some may be able to wait until all the permanent teeth are in, interceptive treatment can make the final results faster, better, and give your children an additional three to four years of having a great smile at an age when their self-image is developing. If you have a child who is 7 or older, why not set up a complimentary screening with Dr. Alborzi today?
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An experienced, knowledgeable orthodontist

Dr. Alexa Alborzi has been helping kids, teens and adults improve their smiles for over 20 years, with locations in both San Mateo and Half Moon Bay. As one of the most experienced orthodontists in the Bay Area, she is known by her patients (and their parents) for her gentle and caring approach, as well as the dramatic changes she makes in their appearance.

Dr. Alborzi has advanced her techniques and skills as an orthodontist. She has continued to expand her knowledge, bringing into her practice the latest computer-aided technology in orthodontics.

And that means gentler treatment, faster results and a more comfortable orthodontic experience for you and your children.

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"I would recommend Dr. Alborzi to anyone looking to do future orthodontic work."
"They also promote raffle drawings and give away fun prizes."
"Another quick and painless progress check on my aligners."
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Susan Oshinsky's profile photo
Susan Oshinsky
in the last week
The most friendly and well organized dental group our family has ever encountered! Dr. Alborzi is always smiling ~ great work!
Erika Moncada's profile photo
Erika Moncada
a year ago
Dr. Alborzi's office does a wonderful job they treat patients with a lot of professionalism always prompt for appts. They keep the kids motivated through contests and points, they really make them a part of the orthodontic process in a fun way.
Ryan Traynor's profile photo
Ryan Traynor
2 years ago
My oldest son was told by another orthodontist that he needed to pull two wisdom teeth before he was given braces. Luckily at a club meeting, Dr. Alborzi was there and told me that more than likely she could do the work without pulling the teeth. I was worried about my son losing his strong jaw line when he was an adult. She was able to use the Damon system to correct his smile and did an excellent job, all without pulling teeth. I am very happy with the correction and immediately signed up my younger son when it was time for his braces. Be sure to check out Dr. Alborzi before you make a 2+ year investment in your child's lifelong smile. You'll be glad you did!
• • •
Rebecca Roque's profile photo
Rebecca Roque
2 years ago
Dr. Alexa Alborzi was recommended to me by Dr. John Lusardi for the reason that she is an expert in her profession. She and her staff are very courteous and very much in touch with their clients' needs. Dr. Alborzi has done a terrific job of straightening and lengthening my teeth. I use to not have a beautiful smile and refuse to face the camera, as my upper lips covered my top teeth and was showing only my lower teeth. But that changed because of Dr. Alborzi. Not only do I smile with confidence, my photographs taken after orthodontic work are now far more pleasing to look at. Coming to Dr. Alborzi's office is always a delight. They maintain a pleasant atmosphere with their up-to-date holiday decorations. They also promote raffle drawings and give away fun prizes. It is one of the most fun dental offices I have ever seen! I have always wondered about testimonials that I read about products or services, whether they are true or just paid advertising. With Dr. Alborzi, I am a living testimony and I attest that comments about her and her staff are absolutely true! If you want to transform your teeth, to bring out beautiful smiles and gain confidence, turn to Dr. Alborzi. She will surely make it happen! Thank you, Dr. Alborzi!
• • •
Marilyn Shipp's profile photo
Marilyn Shipp
a year ago
I have enjoyed all of my interactions with you and your staff. I know my treatment has taken longer than usual but I appreciate your working on it until things are as good as possible. Thanks
Allison Gamlen's profile photo
Allison Gamlen
2 years ago
My daughter always has a good experience at Dr Alborzis! Everyone there is friendly and I appreciate that she gets to see the same person each time. She feels comfortable and looks forward to her appointments. Her treatment is taking just as much time as they had originally predicted. I also like the fact that Dr. Alborzi's office was willing to help me with a payment plan that worked for me. They do a great job of personalizing treatment and payments to work for each family. Thank you!
• • •
Aria Dark's profile photo
Aria Dark
a year ago
Awesome service, outstanding value, and incredible team of professionals led by Dr. Alborzi! :)
Samantha Erikson's profile photo
Samantha Erikson
2 years ago
The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and personable. I feel like they care about me, as a person, not just as a customer. I have been pleasantly surprised by the care and attention paid to me every time I go to this office.