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LazerBlade, master of Cyberspace
LazerBlade, master of Cyberspace


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+Chris Payne should love this channel.

Super sciencecy stuff explained well with nice voice work and moody animations.

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These are the eyeliners in my bag at this particular moment. I might have a problem.

Laboratory mishap checklist:

Explode experiment in hands [X]
Catch equipment on fire [X]
Power failure [X]
Blow up lab [X]
Electric shock [X]
(And now I can check off)
Fill lab with poisonous gas [X]

Context: a big company some people hate.

"Oooooh, you want the kind of competitiveness where nobody tries to win? So everyone ends up an equal ***** loser."

    --Penn & Teller 

"It's so crazy out here, we can't contain the fans!"

shows empty bleachers

"See? They all left."

  --Penn & Teller

Awesome malicious ad:

"This looks interesting. How about clicking here? Common, [sic] you know you want to."

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I used to play Steam games on Linux overwhelmingly more often than on Windows. Then Dark Souls. The amount of Dark Souls is almost as much as everything else combined.

Part of this is that I've been enjoying a lot more 2 to 10 hour games (before NG+... gunblammit Rogue Legacy and Hotline Miami 2), and more indies. But Dark Souls is the first big game I've played in a long time, so it dwarfs everything else in comparison. I'm at about 120 hours now, and almost done with all the optional content and roleplaying before I hit the last boss.

Shamus young describes modern Mass Effect:

"Go to an ALL NEW GALAXY! Discover they use the same bullet "clips" we do! Be a kind dumbass or an asshole! Boink your crew! SCIENCE FICTION!"

Why does your body make blisters if you aren't supposed to pop them? I mean, like, if you see a colored button on a blank panel, you want to push it. So if you see a colored nodule on your blank skin, you want to push it... and scratch it... and pop it.
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