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More busy than a busy person.
More busy than a busy person.

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I'm not convinced yet but it would seem that on battery saving mode with 3g turned off a lumia 920 would last a week, that is some serious battery life.

Once my site reached the 10 QPS mark I decided that I really had to do something about the zillions of Russian websites that were leeching my content and increasing my costs so now the javascript that they load will turn their webpage into a white page informing them they need to stop stealing my content.

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I still don't get why people think Google App Engine is expensive. The infrastructure is state of the art (low response times, auto scales, data replicated in multiple data centres). My website can handle 100 request a second (250 million a month) on just one instance, this costs me less than £10 a month (and if I wanted to I could get it within the free quotas and disable billing). Even that is vastly more requests a second than I ever receive when not stress testing and to think that it would scale up to 900 instances if required (it would reach my billing limit pretty quick though) is just mind boggling. The only reservation I had was that there was no decent way to store uploaded content (post images etc.), the blobstore was an unnecessary obstruction on what is a simple task, but now that you can use a google storage bucket as if it was on the file system this issue has gone away. 

The only time App Engine stinks is if your code stinks - app engine is not as forgiving to poor coding as other platforms and it is very easy to get contention locks on the database if you do not properly design your data models to take this into account.

Just stress tested my new update server using - It handled 250 hits / sec no problem with just one instance.

Google is suffering some significant downtime today on critical products.

Am I the only one who wants a matte black ipad?
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