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Marcin Gil
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Android and JEE Developer

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Dear Devs,
I've tried to run the Android L Preview AVD but with no luck. I just keep getting the black screen / nothing happens.

I've created AVDs both with x86 (Intel HAXM) and ARM images, fiddled with RAM (the 768M limit) and "Use Host GPU" but with no luck -- the AVDs are not starting.

Have any of you had similar problems? How did you solve it? Thanks!

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I'm having the same issue.

In one project I'm building a library as AAR, then include it in other as external dependency (using the "flatDir" repository workaround).

I even added the 
    packagingOptions {
        exclude "AndroidManifest.xml"

in library project but the manifest file is still packaged in. And causes problems.


I have a following problem / lack of knowledge. I can crack up a decent Android app yet I have never been in need to create Android library that would be given to others (no sources probably).

The library that has access to all Android APIs, does not use any Activities/Fragments (maybe a Service) -- just access to hardware (audio/sensors) and possibly system services (telephony).

I kindly ask you for hints and pointers how can I create such lib (Android Studio + gradle); how to tackle issues that you don't have Activites yet you'll be using telephony, etc.

Any insight is very welcome. Thank you!

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This is sad.

With all the posturing Google has done over the NSA stuff, and having encouraged people to sign the petition to require a warrant for email snooping (which I heartily agree with), this just makes Google look hypocritical.

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Just waiting for Christmas Sale now ;)
(Yes +JetBrains I know about last years End of World Clearance sale.. I wish I knew about IntelliJ at that time..)

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