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If you want people to be interested… be interesting!
If you want people to be interested… be interesting!

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Marketers are bypassing traditional media to reach customers directly. Here's how.

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Are your company's directory listings negatively effecting your search appearance? Having the same, correct information in every directory listing is more important than you think.

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Google will be rolling out changes to its search algorithm on April 21st in what some experts are calling "Mobilegeddon." Will your site meet the new standards?

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Knowing who is visiting your website and why is great. But what you do with that information is critical to the success of your business. Read why here:

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Should you still blog? Yes! Read why here:

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In the nebulous and constantly shifting world of Internet advertising, one shining star has been Google’s AdWords program. AdWords is a paid advertising medium that can be specifically tailored to reach the right audience, offers detailed reporting and analysis, is fully accountable, and does not cost a single penny unless it produces results. What could go wrong with an advertising package like that?


While Google has done a great job of making AdWords as simple and intuitive as possible, it is easy to get sidetracked by chasing after the wrong keywords, spending money where it does little good, and not paying enough attention to the wording of your offer. Worse, you may get caught up in counting clicks without taking into account whether those clicks are producing the desired results.

But the biggest killer of a Google AdWords campaign is sending prospects on a wild goose chase that starts – and quickly ends – on the home page of your website. Paying money for a click through that simply dumps the prospective customer on a general information page is a sure way to cause the visitor to become confused, frustrated, and to quickly lose interest.

Think it through. Your on-line ad, if it is properly crafted, will create a level of interest and excitement in the person who is conducting a search. They’ve found what they are looking for! It might be just the right product, or a discounted price, or a hard-to-find service that only you can provide. The searcher then invests his or her time by clicking through to discover more about this wonderful offer.

If you send them to your website’s home page you get to count the click (and pay for it). Good for you! But unless the offer you made in your AdWords ad is front and center on your home page, you have brought prospects to your website on false pretenses. Where is the payoff for them? If they have to search around to find what they want, or need to click through a series of pages to learn more, you’ll lose them. Perhaps forever.

Instead you must create a specific landing page for each offer you make through Google AdWords. The landing page should be directly related to the AdWords message, and including the following:

An immediate reminder of why the visitor clicked through to the page
A restatement of the offer/enticement that elicited the click
A clear call to action directing the visitor to the next step they must take in order to fulfill their interest
A lead capture feature designed to obtain the visitor’s key information (at minimum the name, company, e-mail address, phone number)
A clear “payoff” message (“If you provide us with your e-mail address you’ll get this in exchange.”)
A trade of value for value: the prospect’s contact information for an item of value (coupon, downloadable information, interesting article, etc.)
A thank you message upon completion of the transaction
The “thank you” page is not only good customer relations, it also serves as a way for Google to track conversions of clicks to actions. After this exchange is complete it is perfectly OK to send the visitor to your website’s home page.

You should not invest money in Google AdWords and then hope that a prospect can find his or her way through to get the information or solution they are seeking. Make it simple and easy for them by connecting them directly with what they want on a dedicated landing page and you’ll soon see your clicks converting to actual sales leads at a higher rate.

Need more information about Google AdWords and other Internet advertising options? Scribendi is a Google Partner agency and we can help you design, create, launch, and manage a successful on-line ad campaign. Call us at (339) 244-4222 for details.

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Congratulations to South Shore Medical Center as they prepare to open their new facility in Norwell, Mass.

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