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Monuments to a Terrible Past
by O'Neil De Noux Confederate monuments have been removed from public places in New Orleans. A little perspective about these monuments. Founded on May 7, 1718, New Orleans has been around for 299 years. For 1 year and 3 months she was a confederate city (f...

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Street event in Covington, LA. Autographed and sold a lot of books with my fellow writer friend Sidney Bellard and my wife, debb.

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NEW website up now. Order any of my books - paperbacks, eBook or audiobooks. Just touch the image and it will take you to where to order. Let me know what you think of the new site.

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My NEWEST book is available as a paperback For $12.95 or an eBook for $3.99 at

Here is what it's about:

IT IS 1936 and the world is on the brink of war -

An American with special talents is sent to the Portuguese colony of Macao to discover why Japanese agents are frantically searching for a mysterious stone called the Blaer. Murder quickly follows as the American stumbles on a vivacious brunette who needs rescuing. Or does she? This audacious woman has her own special talents.

The chase is on as Japanese spies and German thugs pursue the American secret agents who turn out to be superheroes with super powers. Against a backdrop of exotic locales - a giant gambling casino in Macao, a voyage through the South China Sea through the Strait of Malacca into the Bay of Bengal to mainland India before our heroes travel to a lost island in the Arabian Sea to battle Nazi SS troop and evil scientists. The two Americans are drawn to one another on this plush island and become enmeshed in a struggle between good and evil.

What diabolical plan do Nazi scientists have for tigers? The perilous adventure becomes a deadly game of cat-and-mouse in the realm of the ultimate predator - the tiger.


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Check this out ...
I'm very pleased to report that "Pulphouse Fiction Magazine" is making a come back after two decades! Also very pleased to report that I will be in it!

Three times nominated for the Hugo Award (as well as others) during its twenty issue run, Pulphouse was the flagship of the Pulphouse Publishing empire. Pulphouse was a pioneering small publisher that rocked the science fiction/fantasy field back in the 90s. With a mix of quality, limited edition, and mass market publications, excellent writing, and genre-busting content, Pulphouse explored concepts of print-on-demand, niche marketing, and new production and distribution methods that we now take for granted in the decentralized, fast-changing, indie-publishing era. It challenged the New York old-guard's concept of what should, or could, be published, and boosted a host of new writers who are still with us today.

But then came the Gulf War and the recession that followed. Bookstores and magazine distributors stopped paying their bills, and cash-starved, Pulphouse eventually shut down, a victim of too much success at just the wrong time. It was just a little too far ahead of the curve.

Now, editor Dean Wesley Smith is back. The magazine will be quarterly, in both ebook and soft-cover formats. It's being produced by Dean's (and wife +Kristine Kathryn Rusch's) well-established new company, WMG publishing, which already produces Dean's unique one-man-band magazine, "Smith's Monthly."

My name is on the sample covers because Dean has asked to reprint some of my early Pulphouse stories, and I'm hopeful that I can catch him with some new stories as well. But in addition, I've also committed to producing two pages of original "Minions at Work" cartoons for each issue!

I'd be excited about this, even if I wasn't in it. Pulphouse was known for publishing great stories that didn't fit genre or marketing molds, things too edgy, or unusual, or quirky, or just plain weird for other magazines. It will be interesting. You should check it out.

#publishing #sciencefiction #fantasy #fiction #magazines #pulphouse #kristinekathrynrusch #deanswesleysmith

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Pre-Order Kindle eBook NOW
COVER ART by Dana De Noux LUCIFER's TIGER My new novel is something completely different. American Secret
Agents with super powers battling Japanese spies and Nazis in 1936. From Macao
(little country on the Chinese coast) across the South China Sea, around...

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Less than a week left to vote for my new book LUCIFER'S TIGER.

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LUCIFER'S TIGER on Kindle Scout
My latest book is in a new genre for me. A paranormal secret agent novel. The book is up now on Kindle Scout. You can read the opening scenes for free and vote for the book to be published by amazon, which means more money and more circulation for me. Other...
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