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Could I get suggestion for a keyboard? This is what I am looking for:
Cherry MX brown
No textured wasd or anything else "gaming specific" that might be annoying
full keyboard
no macro keys and preferably no application keys
not razor (doesn't play well with linux in my experience with 2 keyboards)


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guess this is happening

Suggestions for 4.5 inch or less smart phone?

My dad is an odd one and he wants a small phone, to him the smaller the better. His current phone is having issues so I was curious what I should be looking at for him? I know this isn't N5 related... but I'm sure your expertise don't just include the N5

Since xposed came out, I forgot about using roms, but now with lollipop I started using a couple again. I previously didn't have good experiences with cm but it looks like cm has came a long way since then and am interested to see what it has to offer when there is a stable version of CM12 for nexus 5.

I read something about there being over the air updates now and I was curious if that was true or if it was only for nightly or stable ect. If it is for nightly, am I able to keep updating until a stable release and stay with stable updates? my phone is daily only, but many reports seem to say the currently nightly is good enough for daily use. I just don't like the process of finding the update, wiping and rebacking up, then retweaking, so the ota interests me very much. 

Is there an easy way to have Xbmc start lazyTV when idle for a set time or even when the screen saver starts? 

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4chan strikes again with hilarious results
I have no words. None. 

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Update: they now offer ready to use units (just add remote) for the people who want something already put together.

I just ordered 2 more on top of my original one, If it is a success, I will replace these with every cable box in my house and cancel cable.  I should get my money back in 8 months, Including the new pis and remotes. 

just want to say, I have no idea why I ran raspbmc off an SD card for so long. I just did a fresh install with a flash drive for the first time, I went from using amber skin with lag to aeon nox skin with no lag. I don't even know why the SD card is even considered an option. 

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It has already hit it's goal and they already started production without even receiving the funding yet. Anyone interested in a AA battery sized gadget to turn their phone into a breathalyzer?

Not a ubuntu question, but I still think this community is good to ask. What is the best current laptop for under 400 bucks? It is for my cousins home schooling, There are a few homeschool programs that require windows, so unforchantly it is what it is.. but they will be doing internet browsing, word processing, video and audio chat,. what do you think?
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