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Meet Liam Bryce Jones
It's only taken me a month and a half to do this but here it is... Liam's birth story. It's was just like any other day. July 13, 2015 started just like any other. I went to work, came home hung out with Garrett, went and looked at a new car, ordered pizza ...

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Third Trimester!
It's been quite a few months since my last post and figured it would be a good time to update everyone on the progress of Baby Jones as well as our family! Baby Jones: This week I'll be 28 weeks on Wednesday. My last appointment with Dr. Gatherum I had my W...

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Day 8
March 3, 2015   Activities   -Homework -Reading -Coloring     When I
first got there today I told Jaida that this was my last day there and she was
so sad, which then made me really sad. I feel like we had kind of become
sisters. I could tell she really loo...

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Day 7
February 24, 2015 Activities -Homework -Basketball -Computer Lab -Reading Jaida
didn’t have a lot of home again today, no surprise there. She had gotten most
of it done during classes that day. So we finished up what she needed to get
done than went outside...

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Day 6
February 17, 2015 Activities -Homework -Reading -Chess Today
was a good day the first hour again was filled with figuring out her homework
and attempting to do help her with her math. Like I’ve said before she’s really
smart usually ends up figuring it out ...

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Day 5
February 10, 2015 Activities -Homework -Basketball -Coloring -Reading Homework
just got a little harder, they started doing algebra equations that I can’t
remember how to do to save the life of me. We ended up walking down to her
teacher’s office to get som...

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Day 4
March 3, 2015 Activities -Homework -Computer Lab -Coloring -Card Games Today
was a pretty laid back day. She didn’t have very much homework, just a few
problems from her math class that she hadn’t finished. So we took the first
hour and went to the computer...

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Day 3
January 27, 2015 Activities -Homework -Coloring -Reading -Chess I
definitely feel like my middles school math skills are improving, either that
or Jaida is just a really good teacher. Today she didn’t have much homework to
do so we focused on other fun acti...

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Breaking the Silence!
Let the silence be broken... Yesterday was a very special birthday for me. Yes, I turned 22 and I'd like to quote Taylor Swift by saying, "I'm feeling 22..." but I'm not. I feel like this last year of my life has aged me another 22 years haha just kidding. ...

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{{An Attitude of Gratitude}}
I've said it before and I'll say it again and again and again. We are so grateful for everything everyone has done on our behalf. Prayers, thoughts, donations, shares. You name it. We're so grateful for it. We're still recovering from the shock, excitement ...
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