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Michael Holloway
Independent front end designer, developer
Independent front end designer, developer

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Arrival (2016) poses spiritual solutions to modern existential questions that arise out of scientific understandings
Due to the world wide web, the rate of increase of the amassing of knowledge is progressing so quickly that the questions which science presents to the culture are fast becoming the questions - and the resolutions - of spiritual talking points once the e...

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Testing emoji unicode coding
🤦 mh

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Tommy Thompson Park Entrance Pavilion - stakeholder meeting 2
[ Written in Facebook 1 and posted here with link added ] 2nd Tommy Thompson Park, Entrance Pavilion stakeholder meeting Presentation PDF came in email this morning. So everyone has a better idea of what is proposed at this point, I publish three slides fro...

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Perhaps it time to start a new user generated ad medium for the web phone?
[ Written in Facebook 1 and posted here verbatim with added Tweet and link ] Perhaps it time to start a new user generated ad medium for the web phone? Medium has just announced it is going to a subscription model after hiring a whole bunch of very good wri...

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Trump must now change his rapprochement with Russia or risk being arrested as an agent for a foreign power
"Of coarse a mass movement against the never-ending-war-on-whatever-it-is-this-week could go a long way to stopping all that ... ." News Item: WaPo - Dec 9, 2016 | Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House My Take: NYT, WaPo...

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Complete Streets Opportunities on Logan & Eastern - Weston Bakery Redevelopment
Completing the existing cycling commute grid; extending the grid; making local connections - as part of the Weston Bakery Redevelopment proposal and other nearby developments. Below is an image of the City’s online GIS map zoomed in on the south of Ward 30 ...

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@TheProgressive - bad online marketing - way past when it was necessary
This embed was offered in the context of a free issue of The Progressive an old school progressive publication of some import. Not having published, it kind of looks like a video ...looking at the code, it's a flash player embed - rather than the standard i...

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North of the Cinema District - I got played by a producer who was in fact - a Producer
I'm a writer. I got played for 2 Pints and a JJ shot by a producer who had all the intention of playing me for just that. But as a creative writer I did learn one thing: always trust your bartender. @HitchLimited :) mh

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East Harbour (Unilever site) Update - what @Ward30Bikes is advocating for in this project
By Michael Holloway via Toronto Star , via FirstGulf - East Harbour's Broadview extension south through a proposed Transit Hub on the rail berm - with (typical of last-century city building) missing Active Transportation visioning East Harbour is developer ...

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Task Force report sees communications revolution as catalyst towards 'transformational change' at Toronto Police Service
Key Take-Aways: Exercise is cost cutting to lower $1.005Billion Police budget 1% Tasers to be purchased for all Officers - despite public concerns; Hiring and Promotion Freeze - might cause labour pushback; Division catchments bigger - less local policing?....
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