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Join me in #Denver this Friday to learn what really works to get more clients!

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This looks very cool, allows you to schedule things like drink water...

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Sound advice from +Shelly Kramer  on how to protect your brand on social media.
Protecting your brand's identity in the social media space is important. here are three easy things to do to protect yourself.

Your Brand’s Social Media Identity: How to Protect It #socialmediamarketing   #socialmedia  

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Who me? Procrastinate my marketing activities? I'll pick up the phone and make my follow up calls just as soon as I'm done reading all these great marketing tips here on G+...
Procrastination can kill your business. Here's what you can do about it.

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Wow, what a great list of Canva tips!
ATTN NON-DESIGNERS: You've heard about Canva before but have you ever wondered how to actually use Canva? This playlist includes the best Canva tips & tutorials around!
Learn how to use the interface, get basic design tips, learn techniques for manipulating color transparencies and contrast. You'll also find interviews with +Melanie Perkins +Guy Kawasaki and +Peg Fitzpatrick. Find out how +Canva started and what's in store for the future.



#canva #youtubeplaylist #contentcreationstrategies   #canvaquest  

 VIDEOS LISTED [as of May 9, 2014]:

Canva Tutorials YouTube Playlist Introduction

Design Tutorial: Spice Up Your Designs

Principles of Design Tutorial

Stand Out With Contrast Mobile

Tints and Shades - Mobile

Canva Tutorial: Create Amazing Images With Ease! 
from +Lisa Irby 

How To Create Images That Stand Out Using Canva
from +Adrienne Smith 

Tutorial: Get Creative With Text

Canva: Free Graphics Tool for Marketing, Publicity
from +Joan Stewart 

Canva Tutorial: Make your Design Incredible with Icons

Tutorial: Three Tips For Great Branding

How To Add Depth To Your Design - Complete Tutorial

Design Tutorial: Multi-Page Perfection

Going Retro Tutorial

Canva: Graphic Design Made Easy
@Melanie Perkins interviewed by +Robert Scoble 

"Let's get visual on Google+" with Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick! Hosted by +martin shervington featuring +Guy Kawasaki +Peg Fitzpatrick 

The Power of Brand Evangelism - Guy Kawasaki
#ontracktips  Hosted by +Jason T. Wiser featuring +Guy Kawasaki +Peg Fitzpatrick 

Create Images with Canva - Interview - Melanie Perkins of Canva
+Social Media Hangout Time 

Interview: Canva CEO, Melanie Perkins
#dustintv  Hosted by +Dustin W. Stout +Ben Fisher featuring +Melanie Perkins 

UPDATE [May 11, 2014]: 
Canva Review - Create Awesome Images Online (Easy and Fast) +Ashley Faulkes explores the Canva interface including templates and filters

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21good tips on how to get more followers to your G+ business page.

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If you think your elderly target market isn't on Facebook you might want to read this new study... One-quarter of seniors use online social networks!

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Good tips on how to enhance blog posts with images, where to find free images, and more!
Do images help to increase website traffic? Definitely.

Here’s how:

Images make your blog posts more readable, i.e. keep your readers engaged with your content.

Images make your blog posts more shareable. Everyone loves to share an insightful/funny/one-of-a-kind image! (see how I use quotes from SEO experts as images to make my guite long SEO Traffic 2014: Your One-Stop Reference Guide for Non-SEOs much more engaging.)

Images make your blog posts more linkable.

The more readers share your readable, shareable, linkable content via social media, mentions on their blog, etc. – yes, you got it – the more web traffic your posts will get as a result.

Agree? Then here's where to find the best info on finding great images and making them your own - without getting into legal trouble.

✓ Free Blog Post Images: Where to Find Them, How to Use Them

✓ How To Create a Blog Post Image That Gets Noticed And Drives Traffic +Darren DeMatas 

✓  How to Create Original Blog Post Images: 8 Bloggers Who Do It Well [+SlideShare ] (+Dustin W. Stout, +Rebekah Radice, +Ryan Hanley, +Robert Ryan, +Adam Connell, +Fabulous Blogging, +Pauline Cabrera, +Darren DeMatas

✓ The Insider’s Guide to Proper Photo Usage +Peg Fitzpatrick  (particularly her interview with +Sara Hawkins)

✓ Creative Commons Licenses Explained In Plain English +Sara Hawkins 

✓ Online Image Terminology: Photos and Gifs and Memes, Oh My! +Dustin W. Stout 

✓  How to Create Social Media Graphics that POP +Rebekah Radice 

✓  Canva Tutorial: Create Amazing Images With Ease! [VIDEO TUTORIAL] from +Lisa Irby (ht +Adrienne Smith for bringing it to my attention)

Let me know if this post inspires you to start creating your own original images!

Also, your shares are always much appreciated.

#bloggingtips   #blogpostimages  

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One  more reason why I should be spending more time here and less on Facebook...
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