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Recreating our trip blog to a new site. Here's the first entry, when we left on our 8 month trip back in 2012.

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Starting a new blog about our past travels, and someday, about future travels!

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Take the survey - paperbacks vs ebook reading habits 

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Good news. Magic Spawn is close to being done. I'm putting up 3 teaser chapters on Wattpad you can read for free. This book comes before Nethermost Realm: Prisoner of Arlunn.

Kyran, a ten year old boy stumbles into a cemetery crypt to waken an ancient magic on Halloween night. The small town must defend themselves from the undead horrors brought upon them by a dark mage from another plane of existence. Then they learn a terrible secret--the boy is not of this world! If the necromancer captures him, then the results will be catastrophic for both their worlds.

Still going strong on my new Nanowrimo novel. Nearly caught up for the day!

Doing Nanowrimo this year. Got behind yesterday ... must ... catch... up....

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Here's a list of my ongoing book blog tour. Learn how you can win a $25 Amazon gift certificate!

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Check out KitnKabookle today. Gods of Garran book excerpt, author interview & Rafflecopter for $25 Amazon card. Enter to win!

I will be going to Salt Lake City on Sunday for 9 days. Going to the Westercon scifi convention!
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