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Starting on Monday 10 am.
The workshop is open to anyone, who is interested in measuring dimensions, drafting, and modeling, texturing an old Lutheran church from scratch.
Our goal is to perform an architectural visualization of the planned interior and exterior changes.
We mainly use open source software in every aspect of the project (modeling, documentation, texturing, etc.). The final renders and compositing will be done in Blender.
The project is organised by the congregation and students/teachers of the course titled '3D Simulation & Presentation Tools' on BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Department of Mechatronics, Optics and Mechanical Engineering Informatics).
The work will last for five days. Thanks to the congregation, all the participant will get free lunch every day.
So if you want to participate the only thing to do is to decide when you can come, what are your strengths and interests and email these to me. If you can help us model, create textures, or any other CG stuff, please bring your machine (PC, mac, desktop etc.) with you.
Professional photographers, architects or zealous bloggers are also very welcome!
Meet there! We can't wait to start!
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