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anyone experiencing camera issues (cant connet to camera, etc) or snapchat issues (cant connect to camera, video shooting out of aspect ratio)?

Anyone running cm11 on t0ltespr and still have issues with snapchat? ex: video aspect ratio way off, crashes and "camera unable to start"

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Is there a problems with the 0823 nightly? Isnt showing up in or cm updater, but the build was successful through jenkins, and I can download it on BBQlog

Seems like jenkins is having a bad time over there. Build history is full of gerrit tests. Anyone know what's going on?

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Anyone else on the 10.2 nightlies unable to see internal SDcard contents thru CM file manager?
As seen in the pics, sdcard0 isn't showing the the CM manager, but shows up in ES.
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Anyone else have problems with snapchat video recording? I only get 1-2 seconds of video max before it progresses to the send screen.

If I have Google Voice carrier integration through Sprint, do I gain anything by using Voice+?

Anyone unable to record snapchat videos longer than a few seconds? Recording bar goes maybe 25% then stops.
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