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I've been thinking of collecting all the text I wrote here and on my blog having anything to do with Kalak-Nur (most of 2011-2014), giving it an edit pass for clarity and removal of copyrighted material, re-drawing all images anew, and publishing it as a zine (or probably Lulu). Are folks interested in buying such a thing?
To be clear, I'm not talking about generating new material, or even heavily editing the old, except where necessary to remove reference to copyrighted works or get things to hang together marginally better.
Just trying to get some sense of interest.
Also, if anyone would want to publish such a thing in better form than Lulu, I'm all ears.
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I feel weird posting this here because I'm not around much, but if anyone wants to help me out please do. I'm currently disabled, and will probably get disability within the next 2 months. Until then, I'm broke - actually far in the negative, having to skip bill/credit card payments and barely scraping by on a loan from a friend that I have to pay back by the 15th.
Anyway, if you want to help out a broke disabled queer trans woman, you can help me out here:

I hate asking for money - I feel a lot of shame about it - but logically it's an inevitable consequence of the current iteration of capitalism and the for profit medical system in the US. I tried to work, and couldn't due to multiple health problems.
Also, I don't know what else to do.
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G+ is fucking weird now. Anyway, if you want to keep in touch as I trickle back to gaming, go add the weirdo below. I'm retiring this account soon because there are places google won't change my old name and such.
I'm going to try to replicate my circles in the new account, but that's going to be slow going. It would be swell if you make it easier!
Hello. I am posting this because I think it'll make my new account easier for people to find as I retire my old one. Here's the Dowager Countess recalling a poor d20 roll.
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This game is cancelled because I lost my voice/am sick

Hello, potential ANTIGEN Con players! Please use this post to sign up for the game described in the screenshot. If you are uncomfortable commenting on a public post, message me privately.
It is happening at 6PM Pacific on Thursday, August 4th.
I'll create an event on Monday if enough players have signed up.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, please ignore this post.
If you want to know what I'm talking about, see this post:
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TW: gun violence, hate crime, Orlando

Please read the below, and donate what you can afford. This has affected my community pretty hard, both those of us that knew people in Orlando and those of us that did not
y'all heard about Orlando by now so here is some further information that might be helpful:

blood banks are at capacity and are requesting donators to come back later in the week

there is a go fund me page for infrastructure to help the surviors (grief conselling etc)

and another one to give money to the survivors directly

The city of Orlando has a hotline to call if you are trying to find or are worried about possible victims or survivors

Oh and for fucks sake don't blame Islam for this. The local muslim community has condemned the attacks and are contributing blood and support.
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Hah, shit, did I ever actually say anything about my name change here? I was still going by Joey when I came out here (the first social media place I did). I'm out everywhere and forever since April 11th.
Anyway, yeah I used to be Joey Lindsey on here. In case anyone else is confused.
If you missed my coming out post back in Jan, I'm a woman. Feel free to ask stuff if you want. Or just roll with it. But refer to me with
Josie / She / Her / Hers / Your Majesty
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For when you need the anxiety voices to STFU and GET SHIT DONE

(This is a public post. I don't make many of those. IF you suspect I don't have you in a circle, pm me. Circles are roughly: Friends, Music, Movies, & Tabletop Roleplaying Stuff.
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I am a transgender woman. Starting today, I go by Josie and you should refer to me with feminine pronouns (she/her). Any questions? #TDOV
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Happy new year!
Has anyone has seen any good writing on the architecture of the Star Wars universe? From what I can recall of the movies the empire and later first order go for brutalism on an epic scale, while the republic/resistance go for a kind of organic small-scale concrete flow
Thoughts? Was there actually any consistency?
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I don't post publicly much. If you want to see things from me, tell me what in a comment here. If you do see stuff from me but want to further define what, please do. I've added a new circle.
1. Pretty much all the RPG stuff I post about
2. Art (mine and others)*
3. Movies
4. Comics
5. Music
6. Personal stuff
7. My G+ hangout game shortlist - you are especially interested in playing games with me here

*I don't post to my art circle much right now - check - but I might in the future. I made the attached art.
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