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So called "management" consists of 1 retard named Taniqua. She's generally unavailable during business hours that SHE, posts herself. She doesn't make callbacks, so don't bother leaving messages. You just have to catch her when she decides to show up.(I stay on the same floor that her "mickey mouse club" of an office, is on, and I can actually call during "posted" hours, and just listen to the phone ring. I do it for fun sometimes.) She's more than likely a relative of the owners, in some way, because she'll work there forever, even though her performance is laughable. She tends to lie, if she makes a mistake, to try to place responsibility elsewhwere(on the tenant), and if that's how you conduct yourself with customers, one can only imagine the things she's had to tell her employers, just to hold onto her position. The place is probably owned by some super old people, who have made all that they've needed to, from this investment, and they've just stopped caring, allowing the dilapidated complex, to coast further into shambles, until it's finally condemned. The location is what sells, not the quality of the place, or the customer service. Located conveniently across the street, from the beautiful Indiana University of South Bend. That's how they keep it filled. The walls are paper-thin, so you'll get to know your neighbors very well, whether you want to or not.(you'll know their names, where they work, when their alarm clocks go off, and they'll know you, just as well!) Heating units are electric, and wall mounted, under uninsulated windows, and the thermostats tend to be the first things to fault. So if you leave it on, and fall asleep, sweltering, unbearable heat, is what wakes you up two hours later.(you can't breathe!) Water is free, hard, and the temperature consistency of which, is wonderfully spotty. It tends to leave white mineral deposits, on anything it touches.(even my electric razor!) People smoke in the stairwells, frequently(it doesn't really creep into the units, so it's whatever), security is a joke,(I would never live on the first floor!), and parking is generally filled with students from IUSB, since no permits are required to park in Northside Terrace's spaces. You'll also learn the value of an exhaust fan, in your bathroom, once you've lived here. I wear sandals in my own bathroom, because the walls and floors cover themselves in "moldy slime", so quickly. It's disgusting. I will definitely be moving out when my lease is up, and I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, unless it was for a very short period of time.(like maybe two months... long enough to have to deal with "management"(Taniqua), at least once, and learn to dislike the place, as a whole, from "first-hand" experience) Thanks Northside Terrace! I've learned my lesson.
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