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Introvert dating an extrovert...but we make it
Introvert the story of True programmer!!
Really...any diferent.....
Pervert ;)    ( o )Y( o )
Exactly my thoughs. !!@@!!
Ha ha that is pretty funny. I like being a nerd. Even though I am a Oreo.
Introvert ---->would usually post and reply online
Extrovert ---> would actually go in person and say
I'm kinda both. There are days I love to stay in. And, other days I must get out and come home late!
Yeah. Is that bad if it sounds exactly like me on a Friday?
all too familiar. the life of the content
haha yeah  im so back and forth i think a new category is in order. how's nixtrovert sound?
This has nothing to do with being an introvert. Stupid. 
yeah it does he is making the most of his situation
The second one comes with age & maturity :)
Wow!!! I don't even know what to say about this. Did you make it, or did you just find it? Either way, totally awesome!!!
Definitely an Introvert and proud of it. Introverts unite! lol
Hahaa! We were just talking about this at work! Stealing it!
teah thats funny man im stayin in tonite tooo
How many introverts does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Answer: None. Having the lights on just makes more people come and visit.
Seems like I'm going to have visitors too!  Timely
Is not that introverts hate people ... We just like to watch from a distance

New here add me to your circle. 
uht lan the nd nd and the Outcome wonly mobile for the screen out of work 
Introverts die young says scientists. I dobt wanna die young...HELP
Introverts die young says scientists. I dobt wanna die young...HELP ME!!!
WOW!!!!!! i don't even get it lol
That's me in a picture (except it's missing the coffee on permanent drip-feed...)
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