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I'm finally on the smartphone bandwagon with a GX2 from T-Mobile. Smartfriends, especially +Larry Fine, what are the must-have Android apps?
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There's this new app called angry birds...
Netflix, obviously the Facebook and Google+ apps (we have a 4-month-ongoing KoL chat going on in there), Winamp is decent, Amazon Appstore (they have a free paid app every day --- Go to and grab the app there, the Appstore isn't in the market.)
Keychain for storing all of you shopping club cards. Lightbox Photos, a decent non-iPhone equivalent to Instragram. And the Vigodameter, which should be pretty self-explanatory.
Evernote is pretty good for lists & notes. Pixlr-o-matic is another good Instagram type photo app.

Flickr has their own app now too.

Plume is great for Twitter.

If you want a fun, addicting game that isn't Angry Birds try Game Dev Story.
And when you love Reg game story the gp one is also great
OK! Now that I have a minute:

* BeyondPod - Sorry, Google Listen, I tried, but BeyondBod is the best podcast client on the platform. Has most the options that I want and only fucks things up occasionally. Syncs to Google Reader and If you hate the interface, try Pocket Casts.
* Bedside: Best night clock out there. Silences things you want silenced, makes sure you don't miss the rest. Configurable shortcuts and quick flashlight mode.
* Chrome to Phone - One button from your PC's browser to your phone.
* RoboDefense - Best free-form tower defense game on the platform.
* Swype - This keyboard I think came with your phone. Make sure that's what you're using or you can't laugh at those backwards neolithic iPhone people that are forced to live without it. The truly adventurous can try the 8pen keyboard
* Angry Birds - Also comes in "Seasons" and "Rio" flavors.
* Barcode Scanner - If you don't already have this I'd be shocked.
* Awaken - Good alternative to the system's alarm clock, highly configurable wake-up routine featuring your own music and gently increasing volumes.
* Zillow Real Estate & Rentals - Very useful when searching for a new place and you're wandering the area.
* - Yes they named their app their URL. Ignore the weird name, easy to use and stores your credentials. Watch Riff go bankrupt!
* AmEx/Citibank/Your Bank - Chances are your banks from which you get credit cards or other units of service have an app that will let you check current balances, pay your bill and remind you to pay it before it is late. Most are great and just do what they need to do.
* ColorNote - My preferred offline quick-note-taking client.
* Dial Zero - Tells you how to quickly nagivate thousands of phone trees to get to humans. A thin wrapper about their website.
* FlightStats - There's a few good flight trackers and prediction systems. This one is my favorite because it has information before gate announcements, terminal screens, and sometimes operator websites. Seems psychic.
* Geocaching - The most overpriced app ever, but necessary for geocaching with your phone.
* HopStop - Still the best public transportation mapping app. Invaluable for NYC, London, etc.
* Livo Recorder - Best voice recorder out there. Has a stealth mode for active recording that is almost impossible to find. Great for recording traffic stops, other interactions with authority. One of the few apps that doesn't use a dumb sound file format.
* MC Frontalot - Yes he made this app! It's important for stuff.
* - Do you use If so get this app. If not, fix yoself before you wreck yoself.
* OpenTable - Highly functional app, just as good as the website. Uses GPS to find places to eat in your vicinity that have room for you immediately.
* PayPal - They made a good app. Good use of contacts list.
* PocketAgent (for State Farm only): Displays your insurance cards identical to their paper counterparts, lets you file a claim with photos taken on the phone, and even lets you start a claim so you can finish it later once you are at your computer with a normal keybaord. Gives contact information, roadside assistance and emergency numbers/contacts using offline data. Records your location when you file a report after an accident. Such a good app it's a reason I stick with State Farm. Other insurers might offer similar. This app has saved my ass.
* PowerAmp - Best general music player for files on the device.
* Scrobble Droid - Low power cost, maintenance free scrobbling
* Square - Easily accept swiped credit card payments for a rather high fee.
* Trapster - Love this one, alerts you to active speed traps , roadblocks, construction, accidents, areas of heightened police patrol, dangerous intersections and curves, and tons of other stuff. Highly configurable. Allows submission of everything it alerts (When you see something, say something.). Has voice alerts so you can use it on long road trips along with your podcast/music player. A bit of a battery hog, but you're only going to use it while plugged in.
* Keychain - Agreed with the above, but most phones don't scan on a flatbed scanner. So it's mostly useful for remembering stuff or the occasional hand-scan. Usually can't be used in self-checkout lanes.
* Wordfeud - Only Scrabble on Android that fucking works at all.
* Wifi Status - For people who constantly forget to turn off wifi. Puts a message in the status bar you can click to turn it off when you are no connected to wifi.
* Wallgreens - Great for getting refills on your way home when you forgot to order them first.
* Google Authenticator - You are using 2-Step Verification on your Google account, right? :)
* Sit Or Squat - "Find me the nearest public toilet and direct me to there."

There's a number of price comparison apps, which is the best is highly contentious. Barcode Scanner now links to Google Shopper (for me, at least). There's also Shop Savvy, Compare Everywhere and a few others. Download them all and delete the ones you use the least.
I have an iPhone, but here are my Android app recommendations based on what I enjoy on my tablet: Amazon Kindle (so I can sync up with wherever I am in my book on my Kindle!) , Netflix, Dropbox (completely useful), Battleheart (a game), QuickOffice Pro. If you want a video player, I'd suggest MoboPlayer.
I use the Kindle app a lot and it's nice that it syncs with my DX device. I am not fond of reading on such a small screen, but ti's all about the device you have with you.
Battleheart is very good.
Waffle House now has an Android application. Your life is complete.
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