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Everything That Happens In One Day On The Internet

Our daily life increasingly revolves around blog posts, emails, and status updates. The folks at mbaonline provide a snapshot of what happens in one day on the Internet. Take a look at the startling numbers below:
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Some of those statistics are troubling. Like the amount of videos being uploaded to youtube. I maintain that for the most part youtube is a large data center storing mostly worthless information. Imagine the amount of energy that is being consumed to store that useless info. If we could control the use of the internet to broadcast crap, that alone might reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
Lovely !! Hope this helps the 'flooders' from 'flooding' :D
Of the 294B emails sent, 293.9B are advertising viagra :-\
BRILLIANT - particularly the streaming music stat.
What do you reckon the odds are for "Infographic" becoming a new entry in the Oxford Dictionary?
Funny. Psycology Today said last year the average sex session is between 3-10 minutes but the average fap session watching online porn is 12 minutes. sigh
12-min fap session is wrong. An average kid can finish in about 3 mins. The viewing just takes longer.
The eye-opener: more #iPhone units are sold per day than people are born per day.
That's a great infographic! Just a nit picky thing...but should the title under your page name be "The World's Data Visualized", not "Wold's"..... ;^)
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