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#CarrierGuard coming July 1st.
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AREA Alerts is now active. Available to US residents only. Less than $1 a month.
Have you subscribed to AREA Alerts yet?

No one should rely upon a single source of severe weather warnings, weather radios fail, smart phone apps may not have Internet connectivity and SMS is the absolute worst way to convey warnings of severe weather.

Built on the reliability of +Altus Carrier Services Company's geographically separated and fully redundant telephone network, you can rest assured that you'll receive a voice call whenever severe weather is in your area.

Others charge $40-$60 a month for limited services. AREA and Altus charge less than $1 a month and will call your home or mobile phone repeatedly until you confirm receipt of the message, 24 hours a day.

It's hard to be prepared, if you aren't informed. Be informed.
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We have been invited by +Randy Resnick host of the VoIP Users Conference (+VUC) to be a guest on his show on Friday February 10th, 2010.

We've graciously accepted and have decided there's no better place to announce our newest service offering.

Tune in!
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Congrats and all the best!
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Tens of millions of successfully completed calls to Iowa over the past several days.

When campaigns and PACs want their message heard they rely on +Altus Carrier Services Company. Why? Unlimited capacity, unparalleled quality, and we're the only company with the ACS-1 which can dial faster than anything else in production.

We. Are. Carrier-Grade.
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With New Years just around the corner, it's inevitable that people will make their New Years Resolutions. Some of those will be to start a new business.

If yours is to start a new business, and the telecommunications industry is intriguing to you, you may want to contact Altus Carrier Services.

From white-label calling card services, wholesale origination and termination, and even Fractional Switching Platform Ownership (FSPO) programs we have the tools and services to help you hit the ground running in 2012 with your new telecommunications business.

We. Are. Carrier. Grade.
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It is true we love trees, on the bottom of our e-mail signatures it says "Think about the environment before printing this e-mail."

However, we also need to continue the successful operation of our network infrastructure (yes, believe it or not, VoIP uses DNS too!). We want to be able to access any website in the world that we so choose. The last thing we want is for a bunch of non-technical politicians to listen to non-technical "copyright holders" so they can break our precious Internet.

So, let's fax our representatives! We can waste the paper this one time if it guarantees that someone in the offices of our representatives has to touch our pleas for the Internet. We can plant trees later, getting Congress to admit they made a mistake is almost impossible.

Using the boilerplate text on the site means you can fax your representatives in less than one minute. DO IT! We know the site is ugly, devoid of all decent web design practices, but we chose function over style today.

This service is free! You can donate if you want to guarantee we can keep blasting until everyone has had a chance to send one, but to send a fax is free.
Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation. The Internet Blacklist Legislation - known as PROTECT IP Act in the Senate and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House - is a threatening sequel to last yea...
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We have carrier rates, we have carrier quality, we have carrier uptime.

Carrier is our middle name.
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Take a sneak peek at the AREA Alerts service and website that will be launching this weekend.

This is the result of a joint-venture between Altus Carrier and +AREA, a service not for profit but to save lives.
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Over here at +Altus Carrier Services Company we have no political allegiances or affiliations. Our allegiance is to making our telephony dreams come true. I guess that's why +Say "No Way" to Romney chose us to revolutionize the robocall.
Say "No Way" to Romney originally shared:


ATLANTA, GA, JANUARY 12, 2012: Beginning Friday evening voters in South Carolina will receive phone calls from their family and friends. However after hearing their friend’s pre-recorded introduction, they’ll hear the message from the PAC. At the end of the call, the called party will get the opportunity to register as many others to be called as they desire and record their personalized introduction.

The PAC believes the peer-to-peer model for robocall scheduling and delivery will drastically increase call acceptance, since the call is delivered using the requestor’s telephone number as Caller ID (when permitted to do so by the requestor) and the personalized introduction from someone they know will encourage the called party to actually listen to the message.

No Way Romney, a newly formed Super PAC, is focused on reducing Romney’s momentum and preventing his nomination.

For more information on No Way Romney visit
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All ACSC Customers: Please note that Altus has decided to discontinue it's flat-rate termination services. Effective January 1, 2012 the $0.003 Flat Rate Termination products are discontinued.

All customers with pre-paid balances, or customers who refill prior to our Fiscal Year End on Friday December 30, 2011 will remain on the Flat Rate pricing plan until those balances are depleted.

After balance depletion our customers will be transitioned to a prefixed-based pricing structure. It is important to note that the prefixed-based pricing has an average of $0.003.

The reason for the cancellation is simple. Too many customers are losing money each month using flat-rate plans, and we have always highly recommended the use of Least Cost Routing systems for cost control.

If you need assistance implementing a LCR system in your infrastructure, feel free to give us a call.
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Our Fax your Rep service is back up! We took it offline for just a moment to make a few modifications to the site's handling of customized messages.

No faxes were lost. Keep 'em coming.

Remember. This service is free. Donations are nice to help us make sure everyone can fax their reps, but we'd rather have a free and open Internet.
Send a Fax to Stop SOPA. Faxes almost guarantee that your messages get heard by representatives. If sent to a traditional fax machine, someone will have to handle the paper. If sent to an fax to e-mai...
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Tell them how you feel about SOPA! Fax Your Representatives.

Faxes require someone to look at what you've faxed, even if delivered to e-mail the attachment has to be opened to see what has been sent, and filters cannot be easily written to hide them from inboxes.

We've created this (extremely ugly) web site to allow anyone to reach out to their representatives by fax. Simply visit the page, key in a little bit of information, share your thoughts on SOPA (or use the boilerplate text), and your fax will be delivered to each representatives for your state.

You will be requested to provide your telephone number, and a verification call will be made (simple, it just reads you a number). This verification number serves two purposes. 1) We will use it as the Caller ID and Fax Station ID header (to prevent filtering, or blocking), and 2) It gives us just a little bit of protection, in the event someone decides to send something not so smart to their representative.

Lastly, this service is free. However, as our customers know, we don't inflate our pricing to the point where we make massive profits daily. We donate a lot already (see, so after submission you will be redirected to a WePay page, you don't have to donate but it will guarantee we keep faxing until everyone who wants to say something has!
Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation. The Internet Blacklist Legislation - known as PROTECT IP Act in the Senate and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House - is a threatening sequel to last yea...
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Sounds great but where is this page? Link please?
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Hello World.
Altus Carrier Services Company is a provider of VoIP services, specializing in Domestic US Termination, to carrier and service providers.

Our mission is to be the carrier's carrier of choice, by providing high-quality voice services to all, at the price levels previously available to only a few.

ACSC customers are never limited!  ACSC's PSTN Origination and Termination services utilize its ACS-1 switch platform.  The ACS-1 is capable of more than 20,000 CPS and hundreds of thousands of concurrent calls.  As a result, there are ACSC never restricts the number of concurrent calls or the rate at which calls are set up.  This is not an invitation for all dialers, sorry guys!

ACSC does require that all traffic meet certain requirements.  ACSC clients must maintain a Attempt-Seizure Ratio (ASR) of 60% and Average Call Duration (ACD) of 60 seconds.  Clients who cannot meet these requirements will be placed on the the ACSC Dialer Rate Schedule, so that conforming customers are not penalized with higher rates.

In addition to PSTN Origination and Termination, ACSC does provide Hosted Voice Services, including PBX Services, Fax-To-Email, and Voice Blasting (Robo-Call) services.

In keeping with the Altus tradition, all of our services are provided in a private-label manner.  Each service is designed (and priced) from the ground-up to be resold.

All Altus services are provided on a Pre-Paid basis.
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