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A follow up to last weekends plea for help. Great comments and discussion from all involved!
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Very interesting +Susan Clark. Thanks for the links to others' blogs it is always interesting to see how different people use their database programs. I just finished a few videos going over the things we covered in our first Legacy Virtual Users Group Hangout - so I will give you the YouTube links after I post them so you can check them out. I think the LVUG is going to be helpful because it is making me play around with Legacy and thinking through how I do things.
I agree +Tessa Keough. I've started cleaning up my sources. Your suggestion to enter master sources first inspired me! Once I get everything in there correctly it will be far easier to change the individual citations.

We'll see how well the plan works when I have to generate lists of individuals using a source and tag them. You may be fielding some messages from me then!
Challenging and time-consuming - but important - to have to go back through everything after doing a confused/non-standard way of entering sources when I started some years ago... such a mess!
Ah +Celia Lewis. I know I'm not the only one, but it is a comfort to know others have survived this.
I did it +Susan Clark , and had to recover all those that I deleted in a moment of horrific error. It was soooo worth it.

I could stand to do a serious review again, but, I would like to skip that delete part of the experience! LOL

And, believe me you are NOT the only one. I know researchers that have done this several times. Seriously, major projects each time, they changed how they wanted things done, so they fixed it!

I'll give you a little positive shove now and then, just ask! LOL

I am happy to say that I just took a directory on my hard drive that had what were most likely duplicate images and have verified that all were linked the way I wanted, and I deleted all those extras! I am down to 2 images. One I have little recollection of, the other I am still working on.

You all are good influences on me! LOL
I asked a few weeks ago if anyone was interested in a Virtual Legacy Family Tree Users Group (I travel and don't ever really get the chance to interact with Legacy users except for webinars). A few folks responded and we decided to use Google Hangouts to see if it would fly - we posted a poll asking what people wanted to learn/discuss and then had our first go at a hangout on Thursday. If you are interested we would love to have you join us.
And, by the way +Susan Clark , thanks for a couple of great posts and the discussions, I think they have been fab, making me re-think lots too. Always a good thing.
I still intend to get a post written but I've been a little distracted this week. :)
Shall I pray for your distractions to end?
ROTFLOL Both Linda and Susan! I need a smile this AM, thanks.
Glad we could provide some comic relief +Carol Stevens. The Vol in me demands that I occasionally pull the tail of our local Wildcat fan.
I know I have a dark sense of humor, and I appreciated the tail yank this AM. :-)) I am starting to feel better, keep up the yanking, telling of wry humor/jokes, please keep semi clean. LOL
I was going to write a post as well. However, as I've thought about this I have come to realize what a Brand Evangelist I am. If I really like something, I'm not going to change just because something else has a little edge here and there. I use Legacy and like Legacy in part because I like Geoff Rasmussen and I like that Legacy gives us all those great FREE webinars. I'm sure after +Linda McCauley post I will like it even more because then I might totally grasp how valuable the to-do list feature is.

AND...GO anybody besides that team that's just too the west of me!!! :)
I agree, +Jenna Mills. It would take something really spectacular for me to switch at this point.

Legacy's webinars are valuable to everyone, not just Legacy users, because most of them are not software specific. RM's webinars all seem to be how-to's for their software. I would actually like to see Legacy do more software specific webinars. It was obvious from the Census Search one that there are lots of people who aren't familiar with all of the bells and whistles.
+Linda McCauley I agree with you, however I noticed when someone asked about tagging - Geoff directed them to the CDs. While the CDs were helpful (I purchased them and watched them at the outset and then again last summer) and I do have the book (what can I say I am a reader - although on PDF), I think it helps to see real people using the program, entering information, and asking questions in real time. Also there are only so many times you can watch the Asa Brown family.
This is one reason I am excited for our Virtual LUG. Now if I can only figure out why YouTube and BB Flashback Player won't play nice together, I will be able to upload the videos I did yesterday following up on our meeting (and showing my screen and how I do the customization and simple data entry). Back to the drawing board!
+Tessa Keough I noticed that too. I've watched the one CD that is online but haven't seen the others or read the book. I learn better by doing so tend to just click on everything when I'm using something new.
+Linda McCauley It's obvious that I need to get more relaxed about clicking "on everything"... I sort of want to understand and know all about something before I start using it... All my kids just shake their heads at me and assure me that I won't break anything just by clicking on dropdown menus. Sigh.
+Linda McCauley They were helpful when I first started but the program has changed (they have updated some but not others) and I do like other voices, other experiences, and seeing a few ways of doing something. It is also nice to attend the hangout and get your questions answered and maybe try something while we are there to "play together." I am also the type of person that after I read about something I am quite willing to noodle around - no worries that I will break the program or the internet!
+Celia Lewis I suggest creating a copy of your database and name it something like "TEST" or "PLAY" so you don't get it mixed up with your real file. Then you can click around and try different things without having any fear of messing up your data.
+Linda McCauley yes great idea - I made a play sheet on my Excel spreadsheet so I can play around and not screw up my data. I make sure there is a blank sheet between the data sheets and my play sheet and I color it red so I know the difference. It helps me learn new twists in the program and no worries if I screw it up! +Celia Lewis make sure you look at the bottom left corner of your family view - when you hover anywhere on the program it will tell you what it can do. And just click around with a small test database - take a few families put them in a new file and play away - it really helps. My sister made your lemon fluff - excellent!
I think Legacy may come with a sample database that you can play with? Maybe? +Tessa Keough when does the virtual group meet?
Our next meeting is Thursday April 19 at 1:00 pm Pacific Time; we have been chatting among our circle in between meetings (and sometimes publicly). We will be discussing and/or learning about sources in Legacy. +Susan Clark is moderating that meeting; and the following meeting is May 17 and will cover tagging.
+Jenna Mills that is true about the sample but I find it easier and more fun to play with my own people. You know the places and the names and it just feels more real. I think you only need to take a portion of your database (perhaps parents, grandparents and sibs) and put it in its own family file - voila - a family to play with that you know.
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