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Though our final report will only be out in April, the initial findings from our study into the decision making of news media executives worldwide is already creating a buzz.

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Given all that's going on (including the post-Brexit Blues), do media execs really have control over their companies' success?
I t might seem impertinent, but at a time when media companies are
battered by powerful external forces – changes in consumer behaviour,
competition, technologies, legislation and even post-Brexit economic
blues – it’s perhaps not unreasonable to ask: Ca...

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If the (re)distribution of news on social media is on your mind, then you'll certainly want to be at the next DEN meetup in London on Sept 8th.

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Am I the only one wondering what the rationale was to appoint as chairman of the Scott Trust the man who did more than most to help the company lose £340 million pounds over the past decade?

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Research update: You may not be surprised that our recent study show that news publishers across all continents and all market context are sharing on big big headache. But you might be interesting in seeing that they are taking three distinct routes to tackling it. Which is your company following? Do you agree?

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You may know how the Huffington Post rose to prominence through the guts and talent (and connections) of it's founder. But what do you know about the strategic choices the exec team have made that have kept them there?

Jimmy Maymann lifted the lid in a lecture in Oxford.

Hannah Marsh summed it up for the EJO and kindly shared a link to his slides.

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Before you head out on your summer holidays (if you haven't yet), diairse these dates for the autumn.

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An excellent piece of data-driven reporting. Is SARS paying attention?

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Thinking through the implications of these for news media companies, old and new.  What is clear is  that the adspend will be be spread even thinner if all these wheels are to keep turning. Other options: consolidation, closure and/or creating new revenue streams. #whereelseisthemoney  

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