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Could a meat loving, self-proclaimed Domestic Divo give up his meat for the full 40 days of Lent? Despite not traditionally observing Lent, Brandon Mouser took the challenge of friends and decided to observe Lent this year as a vegetarian. And what he…

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Check out Thomas' new podcast - circumambient
My ambient music podcast - circumambient - is now on iTunes
---------- My ambient music podcast - circumambient - is now on iTunes. Follow this link - - or search for "circumambient" . I'll be starting from episode 5 ... and will try to add episodes 6 thr...

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When before the beauty of a sunset or a mountain, you pause and exclaim “Ah”, you are participating in divinity. – Joseph Campbell Thanks to listener Jessica Rose for sharing the quote.

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This week we talk with history professor Cameron Sinclair about why history matters and how we can break down some of the old stereotypes through story. Cameron is a professor at Brookhaven College in Dallas and co-hosts the History Banter … Continue…

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It’s time to kick off a new year and a new season of the something beautiful podcast! It feels really good to finally type that. 2013 was a year of fun, ups, downs, lefts and rights and if the first … Continue reading →

Entrepreneur Develops New Way To Share Images Online via @Forbes#pressgram

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This week Cooper Taylor shares shares a wee bit of his story working to help with recovery efforts after an F3 tornado hit Forney, Texas last year.

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This week +David Hayward (@nakedpastor) joins us on the +something beautiful podcast

Audio goodness in your ear buds!

A new podcast with +David Hayward is coming tomorrow.

Look for it early morning or on your way to work tomorrow.

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+keri lehmann, Founder and CEO of Savvy Boheme shares the inspiration behind her company and products on this week's podcast -
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