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Human Limb Regeneration
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A new article I created about a new clever Nanochip that stimulates regeneration. The trials have been done in animals with compelling results but now they also want trials to be approved for humans.

What they have achieved here should not be under estimated and is remarkable. The technology with further research and testing can be deployed into a variety of health applications. The possibilities are endless.

#humancellregeneration #humanlimbregeneration #limbregeneration

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It's a shame but some people do☺
Do you agree?

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I wrote up this new article about what the military are doing in their aim to help our troops whom come home with devastating injuries such as limb loss and horrific disfiguring burns.

Their research is into how to advance the research into stimulating the body to regrow back limbs in amputees.

Along with restorative injury repair using new advance technologies in Stem Cell, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

#humansregrowinglimbs #humanlimbregeneration

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Don't you just love it when social media settings are messed up, lol. My images are not showing when sharing posts! What happened and changed Google+?

I'll work on redoing my social media settings on my human limb regeneration website so images show again when you share my posts.

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I wrote up a new article about a new project into Regrowing Human Limbs with the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute. It should be interesting and expect to hear more from these researchers in the months and years ahead.

#advancedregenerativemanufacturinginstitute #regrowinghumanlimbs

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An article I wrote up about the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine. That is helping our troops whom come home with devastating injures to get more back onto a more regenerative pathway.

#humanlimbregeneration #armedforcesinstituteofregenerativemedicine

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Why did I create this project of human limb regeneration research? This is what this video is all about!


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In this video I discuss what is limb regeneration and giving some background of what scientists are doing. Such as the research into the Salamander's regenerative powers and how it can be applied for humans one day. That will transform the lives of amputees eventually.

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