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Quick question...

Is CyanDelta compatible with LineageOS builds?


I'm giving away a key for: The Masterplan

Anyone interested, let me know.

I'm giving away a key for: Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition

Anyone interested, let me know.

Got some random keys.

Let me know if interested.

Got some extra keys, don't know if they work:

- Dead Effect 2
- One More Dungeon
- Cross of the Dutchman
- Better Late Than DEAD

One key per request.

Anyone interested let me know.


Got a gift link for Tharsis.

Anyone interested let me know to PM the link.


Hi. I got a few bundle deals and some of the games I'm not interested in or already had in my account, so I thought I'd give those keys away, I think they work until claimed. List:

- Lethal League
- Door Kickers
- Skullgirls
- Another World 20th Anniversary Edition
- Reus
- Fancy Skulls
- Xotic Complete Pack
- Dead Effect
- Zeno Clash

If anyone's interested let me know.

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The European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN, just released a staggering amount of data from their Hadron Collider to the public.

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It was quite stormy weather this morning but in the afternoon the rain went away and we got some sunshine... The strong wind continued throughout the day though. I did some casual shooting in Ebisu trying out the A6300 with Zeiss Batis Distagon 25/2 & Sony FE 90/2.8 Macro G OSS. The Batis is a bit wider than 25mm when distortion correction is not applied, around 23-24mm, so it makes for a nice 35mm equivalent on A6300. Both lenses worked nicely with A6300. 15 shots with Batis and 5 with the Macro in the end. PP with Capture One Pro 9.1, distortion correction not applied with Batis (it's off by default in auto correction mode).
A6300 + Zeiss Batis 25/2 & Sony 90/2.8 Macro
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Today I went out to try my wife's new camera & lens, Sony A6300 and Sigma 30/1.4 DC DN (new e-mount APS-C lens). It's a very nice light setup for street shooting. I like 40-45mm FF equivalent focal length a lot for general use.

I mostly used AF-C/Wide Area settings with auto-ISO shutter speed set to 125, and ISO range from 100 to 3200 (ISO stayed pretty low all the time). Quite much of the shooting was in Aperture priority at F1.4 too. Those are pretty convenient settings for catching some street action. The improved AF and ISO / Shutter Speed settings (both better than on my A7II/A7r) worked out nicely. The lens focuses fast, pretty quietly and reliably almost all the time, I just noticed a little bit of hunting when focusing on some open field flowers/plants at f1.4 at very close distance.

Wide open the lens is sharp but not bitingly so, and it has a very smooth rendering with nice bokeh. Build quality of both the camera and lens are very good. When I tried to use manual focusing on the lens a bit, I noticed that it's not really optimal for that, the focus by wire implementation on this lens felt harder to control smoothly than with my FE lenses but it might be a matter of practicing more with it. There is a rather large amount of distortion with the lens that is fixed with SW processing, quite similar with the Sony FE 28/2. The "manufacturer profile" correction in Capture One Pro 9.1 did it automatically for the RAW conversions of photos taken after the correction had been set to "Auto" on Camera. That's a lot more convenient than doing it manually one by one while processing.

PP was done with Capture One Pro 9.1 with some Film Style presets as I usually do. Added just a bit of saturation and adjusted shadows and highlights a bit where it seemed necessary. Noise reduction was set to 0, didn't add sharpening beyond C1 Pro defaults. Just a bit of Clarity was added on a few of the photos, but often none at all.

Overall very happy with both the Camera and the Lens so far ;) Will need to try it out with my FE & adapted lenses too.
A6300 + Sigma 30/1.4
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