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I made a new game but as you can probably tell from the icon my artisitic ability is not great... So I'd love someone to contribute some better assets (two svgs for in-game and one icon).

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Why is it 2016 and both infant seats and car anchor points (or lack thereof) are so badly designed...

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Fancy making £40?
The Canonical Web Team is conducting research interviews to test a prototype of the new website. Participants will receive a £40 Amazon voucher. The only prerequisite is to be a developer for Ubuntu (please bear in mind that Canonical employees can not participate).

The interviews will be conducted via Google hangout so you will need a good internet connection. They will last 60 minutes and run from Tuesday, 27th September to Thursday, 29th September between 9am-6pm UK time.

If you would like to take part please fill out this form:

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Classic adventure games on Ubuntu phones and tablets!
After a whole bunch of hacking I now have ScummVM working pretty well on Ubuntu Touch. I added in some custom touch handling so that games work nicely with just the touch screen:

Left click = 1 finger
Right click = 2 fingers
Menu/F5 = 3 fingers
Skip/Escape = 4 fingers
Virtual Keyboard = 5 fingers (this is mostly just used for typing in save game names)

It uses relative mouse movement, so you can swipe to move the mouse like a touch pad, which allows for much more accurate mouse positioning. There's also automatic saving/loading, screen keep-alive, scaling, and integration of audio with the system volume control.

I've created a couple of click packages for Beneath A Steel Sky and Flight Of The Amazon Queen, which are both freely distributable, and have uploaded them to the click store:

My next task will be to create a general purpose ScummVM package so that people can use the data files from their own non-free games as well :)

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Yay, it is possible to flash a standard Meizu Pro 5 to Ubuntu (with associated challenges/risk doing it yourself). I hope this will show up in some statistics somewhere so +MEIZU can tell if there's a good demand for more accessible Ubuntu versions.
How to flash Meizu Pro 5 to Ubuntu Touch

From the start the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu has become very popular. Unfortunately, the phone was sold out very quickly, therefore a lot of Ubuntu users couldn't order the new Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu phone. For that reason Wouter Voeten and Maarten van Druten have made an extensive document how to flash a standard Meizu Pro 5 phone (with Flyme OS) to Ubuntu!

They would like to share this document with others, so more Ubuntu users can enjoy having Ubuntu on the Meizu Pro 5 phone. It gives any user a fully working Ubuntu phone, that accepts all official Ubuntu OTA updates.

This document is a manual for people who have advanced experience with flashing phones. The manual has been tested by several users and it works perfectly with the International and Chinese versions of the Meizu Pro 5. However, using this manual is at your own risk. We cannot guarantee your phone will be working. If you experience any difficulties, we or Ubuntu cannot be held responsible.

To learn more about flashing a Meizu Pro 5 phone to Ubuntu and to download the manual, click here!


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Introducing snapd-glib
World, meet snapd-glib . It's a new library that makes it easy for GLib based projects (e.g. software centres) to access the daemon that allows you to query, install and remove Snaps . If C is not for you, you can use all the functionality in Python (using ...

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Much thanks to the libinput team on doing all the complex plumbing work to make input work so well on Linux!

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Woo hoo. Recently landed some snap code in upstream GNOME Software - here it is running. More to come...
Watch snaps on Fedora 25!

I feel really sad for my European/UK friends tonight.
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