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A new blog dedicated to nail art, and helping everyone achieve great nails!
A new blog dedicated to nail art, and helping everyone achieve great nails!

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 Hey guys! How are you all? I painted these really cute whales on my nails and I love them! let me know what you think! See you next time! Byee!

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Easter Carrots!
Hey guys! Happy Easter to you all! I hope you got a lot of chocolate :P I won an easter egg guessing competition on the weekend so I have more eggs that I have ever had before... it is ridiculous! Anyway, I have my nails all themed and ready for you, I hope...

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Cactus Nails!
Hey guys! As soon as I did my last set of nails I really wanted to paint them again because they were so pretty.. unfortunately, because they were so pretty, I also wanted to keep them for as long as I could! Turns out the option that requires the least amo...

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A Bouquet of Flowers!
Hey guys!  How are you all today? I went canyoning over the weekend again and managed to hurt my foot by jumping off a rock into a pool and going a little too far... The worst part though (I think) was going to the doctor to get it checked and the nurse thi...

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Bright squiggly design!
Hey guys! How are you going today? I went for a swim this morning and it was so nice, though the water is crazy warm at the moment! Anyway, here are my nails for today! More photos and a tutorial below! So I don't really know how to describe these nails, I ...

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Abseiling nails!
Hey guys! How are you all today? So, I can't remember if I told you, but I have been doing a bit of canyoning lately (it's like hiking and swimming and abseiling all in one up in the mountains down through really pretty canyons!) and I wanted to do some nai...

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Artsy nail art!
Hey guys! How are you all? I was flicking through Pinterest and I found a cool print that I used as inspiration for these nails. They are a bit more simple and abstract than my usual style, but I hope you like them! I kinda like this sort of look, though I ...

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Swimming across my nails!
Hey guys! How is everyone? I have been getting my Bronze Medallion to become a life saver so I thought I would do some swim-centric nail art. Hope you like them!  Keep on reading for more pictures and a video tutorial! So I painted these during the bronze c...

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Cats or spiders...?
Hey Guys! How was your new year? Mine was really nice and chilled which was cool. For the first set of nails for the new year I have decided to trawl Pinterest for inspiration (how unusual right?) and I love patterns on my nails and I love cats, so why not ...

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New Years Eve Nails with tutorial!
Hey Guys! Guess what?! It is almost 2016! How strange and exciting :) So I thought I would bring the year in in the best way possible... By painting my nails of course! Please enjoy! Keep reading for a video tutorial and bunch more pictures! Here is the vid...
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