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Eric Thomas (Turb0Charger)

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OP: Jacquie

So first there was Giftwrap, and we had a bunch of Seymour keys left, and I said “We should use this line again some day.” Then there was a perfectly innocent meeting for dinner in Marion. Being me, I left a path of destruction from Indy all the way to the restaurant (there’s not much open in Marion on a Sunday night, btw) and, being them, Sofakat and HostileSpider did the same on their way from Ft. Wayne. Apparently local frogs took note and were a bit perturbed that Sofakat and TollerMom were in the same place (because clearly we’d be making that much noise if we were up to shenanigans, right??). Besides, who cuts a lane through Marion, anyway? That’s just silly. (Famous last words, right?) But… but… what if you did want to cut a lane through Marion? What would you do with it, and why? Hmmm… if we went here… and there… gee, that would line up nicely with (you guessed it)... Seymour! And it would be a little bigger than Giftwrap, so more million-MU layers! Shiny! Oh, what the heck… let’s do it! Keys were farmed and moved, people were recruited, and Op: Jacquie was born. "Why midnight?" my crew asked... "Ummm... because I don't sleep, ever, and because I don’t want to cut through Marion in the middle of the day?" was about the best answer I could give them.

But even at midnight, in the cold, Indiana RES comes out to play. Some of them went way out-of-area to just sit and wait to drop one blocker. Others went and sat with nothing to do, just in case. The north lane crew picked up last-minute additions when @0674 and @Mrs0674 showed up in Marion and got scooped into the op. That team burned such a pretty path through the middle of Marion and the surrounding area... I'm not sure you could have picked a more ENL-dense section of the state to clear... and it just was a beautiful thing to watch.

While the north lane crew was laying waste to Marion, the other agents were sneaking up on targets on the east and west lanes and just waiting. And then the word came... the north lane was clear and we could throw. All the other blockers fell, the outside layer went up, and I breathed a sigh of relief and settled in to watch the rest of the Seymour line light up and the fields come online. 18 layers up before midnight! W00t! Unfortunately, an Enlightened agent made record time down to Seymour and managed to get five layers down before checkpoint, but we still put almost 16m MU to checkpoint!


Layers: 18
MU per layer: 1.2m
Total MU thrown: 21.98m
Total MU to CP: 15.9m (13 layers)
Badges: 2 Onyx Illuminator

Supreme Overlord (don't ask... it's in his contract):
+Jarome Allen

Anchor Teams:
+Hoss Bosley
+Shanna Jenkins
+Geoff Estes
+Jen Schmetzer
+Eric Thomas
+David Huang -- Onyx Illuminator
+Jeffrey Lebowski -- Onyx Illuminator
+Jay DeRue
+Shari S


The entire Indiana team rocked this op. I'm proud to be a member of this team. Also, I was lucky enough to have an absolutely awesome IO team. They can be my eyes any time! Let's do it again!!

#sitrep #bigbluetriangles #awesomesauce #indianaresistance #BAF #RGNN #IngressReport

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I have reached the +Ingress​ mountaintop! #Level16 #Ingress Thanks to these agents for making it a fun night: Shreddedbeef, E1ghtb4ll, AgentDH33, Llebowski, SpAzZeR, Winterrrose, & Sumo911.
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Operation Indy Uncharted Sit-Rep
#unight16   #ingress   #resistance  
+Joe Philley​ +Niantic Project​ +Ingress​ 

After a few months of talking about wanting to field the greater Indianapolis area, I was presented with the opportunity to come up with and execute this as part of #unight16 . It was up to me to draw up a field plan, get keys, and recruit enough agents to help with lane clearing.

After a few days of staring at the intel map for more hours than I care to count, a final plan was drawn up. Then, a few days before the op we learned that one of our anchors was going to interfere with other plans for the night so we had to switch those anchors. 

Having never been part of a large operation like this, even on state level I was highly nervous about the ability to pull it off in conjunction with all of the other things going on at the same time.

Special thanks go out to +Maggie Coyne+Jen Schmetzer​ and a few others to help me plan, and give me some advice as well as traveling to get all of our keys needed to pull of such an operation. 

Key Retrieval 

On the Sunday before the op was to take place, agent BigMaggie and I headed north to visit Maplewood to farm extra gear our agents might need in the field. From there we headed to Willshire, OH to farm keys and meet some agents that would be helping us.

A couple of days later, Jen and I headed to Ladoga, IN to farm keys there. Aside from a bit of difficulty we got the keys we needed and headed back for some much needed rest.

Without a set of keys for our southern anchor, we just had to hope that everything went smoothly down there. 


Our goal was for the Midnight (EST) checkpoint and some awesome agents went out earlier in the day to clear and we setup agents in the field should any problems arise.

We have a great group here in the Indiana area, and I was amazed at what they were able to accomplish. We had a second crew throwing layers inside of ours and they were able to get their fields up at 11pm, which helped hold our lanes as well.

Our fields went up at 11:25pm and all of the layers lasted through checkpoint. A total of 4 layers over Indianapolis, IN, Bloomington, IN, Anderson, IN, and Muncie, IN between 985k MU and 991k MU for a total of 3.9m MU captured.

And a special thanks to our awesome Intel crew that did a great job, as well as the Madco crew for their help with the lanes.

Awesome job to all the agents involved:


and countless others that helped supply gear to our agents in the field. Thanks everyone for the hep and support, I look forward to doing many more great things with our team in the future.
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