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Jonny “DevJonny” Olliff-Lee
Developer of mostly C#, Java, Linux & Android user, and Geek!
Developer of mostly C#, Java, Linux & Android user, and Geek!

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A flight of TIE fighters lead by Howlrunner teach the Rebels how to fly in formation!

Couple of BatReps coming soon... When I have time to right them up! 

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Developer vs designer? Yes!

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Yesterday was Thursday which means it was X-Wing night at my FLGS. I managed to get two game in with two different squads.

Game 1: Howl's Moving Vader

Darth Vader + Swarm Tactics
Howlrunner + Swarm Tactics
Academy Pilot x 4


Kyle Katarn + Moldy Crow + Recon Specialist + Blaster Turret
Garven Dreis (X-Wing)
Rookie Pilot (X-Wing)
Gold Squadron Pilot (Y-Wing)

The idea behind this was to get two ships firing as PS 9, and two as PS 8 so hopefully getting 4 / 6 shots off before the Rebel scum get a chance to.

We both set up on opposite corners of the board, and the asteroids are quite spread out (looking good for me so far). The swarm storms up the taking the first two turns to move 5 forward, while the Rebels take it more cautiously allow Kyle to start stacking focus tokens.

Turn three is where the action starts. The TIEs all do a hard left turn and swing round the asteroid with no-one beaching (my swarm flying skills are getting better). Although I suddenly realise now that Howlrunner is in the middle of the formation rather than the back where I'd prefer her to be (something to note for next time). The Rebels start to break up going either side of the asteroid in what I assume is an attempt to flank me later....The shooting starts. The lead two Academy Pilots get PS 8 and 9 respectively and start laying into Garven. He's down both shields and a hull point, and his return fire misses completely.Not much else happens so we go back to the dials.

Turn 4 sees the start of the furball! Events now escape me because a lot happened, but I've added some captions to the pictures which give you some idea of what happened....Also I have to start work now. Ultimately there were lots of crashes, but I only lost one TIE and the Rebels were wiped out!

It was a good fun game, and it was a squad I felt actually worked really well. I'm thinking I'm going to change it to the following though:

Darth Vader + Swarm Tactics + Assault Missiles
Howlrunner + Swarm Tactics
Mauler Mithel
Black Squadron Pilot
Academy Pilot

This would give me a little more punch in the alpha strike, and a more punishment at range 1 (Mauler rolling 4 dice) but I'd be down a ship...We'll have to see what happens! 
Dark Sphere X-Wing Nights
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So here's my fully built Valentines present from my girlfriend! :)

Hey all!

This is a copy of a post from the UK/IRL Facebook group but I wanted to post it here in case anyone was interested:

"Hello everyone, I have some fantastic news for you!

As you know the Titans Wargames Club have had an X-wing tournament in the calendar on 'May the Fourth' for a while now. It occurred to us recently that we should do something bigger and better for such a pinnacle day in the Star Wars calendar. So Damian Grantham and I have been in discussions for a few weeks now and whilst we would have liked everything to be set in carbonite before making the announcement, we really need to gauge interest before pushing the button to make it happen.

So here's what we're planning;

We have secured Elstree Studios hospitality suite for May 4th. The home of Star Wars on Star Wars Day..... complete with a fully staffed, licensed bar (blue milk will be available). We have enough space and tables to run a 100 player tournament. We'd also like to offer the Star Wars LCG group some event space too, as we want to fill the venue with Star Wars gamers and fans. We have agreements for sponsorship from a well known retailer to bring cool merchandise to tempt you all between rounds, but best of all, we have arranged for a very special guest to give away the prizes and meet fans.

Of course setting all of this up isn't cheap (Titans Wargames Club is non-profit), so tickets will be £20 for players and £5 for guests, but let me recap;

May the Fourth
Elstree Studios
100 places
Very Special Guest
Incredible prizes
Cool merchandise
Fully staffed bar

Naturally this is something we would like to see people travelling from much further afield than you might normally do for your average x-wing tournament. If this is something you want to see happen and are prepared to come to, then let us know. We're ready to make it happen and want to share this extraordinary opportunity with you all!

May The Fourth Be With You!"

If anyone is available to go and wants to let me know and I'll put you in touch with the organiser! 

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Second week of X-Wing nights at my FLGS. Only managed to get one game due to everyone having other commitments the following day but what a game it was...for my opponent!

I was running Rebels for  the first time in 4 months and just thought I'd have some fun so I took:

The Death Star Crew:

3 X-Wings all tooled up, with Biggs running as bodyguard. It took 4 turns for us to actually get into range (I miss the speed of my TIE fighters), but when we did attack dice were on fire.

TURN 4 (kinda turn 1):

Wedge scores 3 crits and a hit (no re-rolls) at range one against a Y-Wing as his opening salvo. Luke & Biggs scored a few more scraping down shields and putting holes in the Y-Wings hull...and that's where the fun ended. Biggs died to a fantastic amount of fire-power from the 2 X-Wings, and just alive Y-Wing and managed to dodge...nothing....I didn't roll a single evade. Wedge also suffered some loss of shields from a Rookie pilot.

My dice were still rolling well in attack and I managed to vape the Y-Wing, but with only two ships left I was spent. Luke was next to fall to some accurate fire from the HWKs blaster turret, and Red Squadron Pilots lasers, with the Rookie finishing him off.

With only one ship left Wedge managed to score some hull points, but not enough to kill, and was shot down by the same Rookie that took out Luke.


This experience has taught me one thing, I still prefer TIE fighters, they may be squishy, but they can dodge!! :)

I also picked up a TIE Advanced from the store last night, so now looking to see where I can fit it into a squad.
Dark Sphere X-Wing Nights
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So last night I went to one of my FLGS for some games. Managed to get 3 rounds of X-Wing in against 3 different opponents. I was running 3 variations of a Firespray + TIE mini-swarm and got 1 win 2 losses, so here's a very mini battle rep!

Game 1:

I ran Krassis' Quartet: Firespray (Krassis Trelix) + Assault Missiles, Howlrunner, 2 x Black Squardon Pilot, 1 x Academy Pilot


Soontir Fel + Stealth + Push The Limit, Turr Phenir, 2 x Saber Squardon

This one ended up being an early slugging match with the Firespray being separated from the TIEs and being vaped before launching his missiles. Quickly 3 squints were down, and Soontir was picking off TIEs left right and centre. He was finally brought down by a lucky shot from a BSP. Game 1 : WIN! :)

Game 2 :

Bounty Hunter Academy: Bounty Hunter + HLC, 5 x Academy Pilot


Bounty Hunter + Rebel Captive + Seismic Charge, Bounty Hunter + Recon Specialist + Sesimic Charge, Omicron Group Pilot + Vader.

I focused on taking down the shuttle, helped by Vader damaging it to do crits against my TIEs and Firespray, but it didn't last long. By now the opposing Firesprays had come across the board and were looping round, I gave chase...they dropped seismic charges...pain ensued! My Firespray already deprived of shields took hits from both charges, another TIE was destroyed, and two damaged. The remaing TIEs gave chase and whittled down the two Firesprays eventually destroying one before being wiped out...Weight of fire almost successful. Game 2: LOSS.

Game 3:

Black Squadron Bounty: Bounty Hunter + Gunner, Howlrunner, 3 x Black Squadron Pilots. This was my favourite list of the night.


Wedge, Dutch Vander, Rookie Pilot, Blue Squadron Pilot.

Howlrunner and BSPs went straight for Wedge as he was out on his own. The Firespray engaged the other three Rebel scum. A mistake on a dial for me meant my TIEs had to break formation early, and land not one but two of my TIEs on an Asteroid! However they did themselves proud and weight of fire brought down Wedge in short order with no kills to his name. On the other side Dutch had broken off and went to help Wedge, so the Firespray was trading blows with the B-Wing and Rookie. Twice on my first roll I'd get one hit, which my opponent would dodge. Gunner kicked in and I'd get a decent roll, and still had a target lock. First one 4 hits, second one 3 hits, result B-Wing down to 1 shield, Rookie no shields!....Then my Firespray bought it from their combined fire-power at range 1 (that's 8 dice). Then the two sides of the battle converge, Dutch kills Howlrunner, a BSP finishes off the B-Wing, the others damage Dutch and the Rookie. After some jousting all the TIEs have been vaped the Rookie is left with 1 hull, and Dutch with 2 hull....Close close game, but another loss...Lesson learnt: Don't joust X-Wings with TIEs!

He's a selection of pictures from below. My favourite being the Academy Pilot who just avoided a collision on an enemy Firespray!
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