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Alonzo Neal

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Alonzo Neal

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I got niggas dyin everyday over stupid shit like money and some bitches. Got a bunch of smart niggas making dumb decisions now I got hittas in the cut like a scalpel in incisions. Motivated to greatness on this mission. Too many fish in the sea but my niggas don't go fishing. We be out here grittin. Hoes fall for the hustle. Some niggas with the stack and a squad for the muscle. Momma told be the streets and the creeps who be thuggin. How all that gang banging don't get you nothing. And that a bullet to the brain give you more than a concussion. But what am I supposed to do it all my cousins keep it bloodin and my brother is a crip. Only 13 years old when I emptied my first clip. Sittin on the block had my first hit of the weed and I was feeling free......
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