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Michael Tufekci
Change the world using the Internet fairly often.
Change the world using the Internet fairly often.

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+John Hardy not a Turnbull fan Hey John. I am a fan of your analysis of newer JS technologies. Have any opinions on electron's usability and longevity? -thx

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Every day on G+ led up to this wonderful happening. Flat Earth Turtlers finally get their day in the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

+Bernd Paysan What does Merkel think about keeping Assad in Syria? Pretty sure Erdogan would like to see him do something else. Trump team seems conflicted on the topic.

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Watch out software developers! A taste of your own medicine?

Good question. I do think specific well-defined optimizations in software writing may be relegated to ML over time. But until we have human-level AI, explicitly writing/telling what you want the computer to do will be faster than creating training data and testing that the ML covered all requirements. Good luck manually debugging if there are just a few requirements the computer can't seem to get correct. IDEs will continue to assist more actively.

The Galaxy S8's rounded corners look nice and sleek. Wonder what is wrong with it?

Saturday Coffee

Annoying developments (besides same-old and fake news)
1) Arguing that people who voted differently are hurting themselves
2) Using external vaguely understood (generally 'bad' entity) as reasoning prop.

1. When certain cognitively well-endowed folks take to the social media to eloquently describe how voters of a different candidate have hurt themselves just a couple months into the administration it really makes me doubt whether they actually know many of these people very well.

2. Using an external 'bad guy' such as a foreign leader that the TV shows generally agree is not a good guy seems to be in fashion to sidestep intractable differences of opinion domestically. Essentially the classic "squirrel!" call, but with a human being.

+John Hardy not a Turnbull fan I'm not too worried until the "automation singularity" starts buying and designing products. Then humans could be entirely excluded from the economy. Sad.

+Dan Weese +Bernd Paysan This was the insert (reloading 300 fake bill img attempt) Just good friends pranking/negotiating with each other? 

+Bernd Paysan For a mere 30 euros I will use jedi mind tricks to help Trump better understand how NATO actually works ;-) 

I love how social media does not even discuss anything about large semi-autonomous USA federal agencies unless Wikileaks releases docs or Trump mentions them. My goodness Assange and Trump really seem to be performing oversight these days. 
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