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What a Hoot! The Dog House Inn's 2nd Annual Barks-Giving Turkey Roast! Happy Happy Dogs!
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2nd Annual Barks-Giving Turkey Roast Event!
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Tillie! Pup of The Dog House Inn!
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  Happy Halloween from the crew at The Dog House Inn! This is a fun time for children and adults, but please take a moment to make sure your dog is happy and safe too. They are part of your family and ours, so we put together some safety tips to share with you.
If you are hosting a party at your house or inviting trick-or-treaters to the door, it can be hectic and distracting, but also dangerous to an unsupervised pet.
    Be careful about where you place candles and jack-o-lanterns that can be easily knocked over by a happy pet’s tail! Keep them up and out of your children and pet’s reach.
    As your door is opened and closed often through the night, it is a good idea to keep your dog in a separate area so he/she does not scare the children or run out the door. Make sure your pet is wearing ID just in case.
    Keep your pet on a normal diet without sneaking in special treats. Chocolate and many kid size treats are dangerous to a dog. Only give your dogs treats that are made for dogs.
    If you are going out with your dog in costume, make sure he/she is always supervised. Make sure the costume fits properly and does not disturb breathing, vision or hearing. Avoid costumes with small plastic or metal parts that can come off and be swallowed. Keep them on-leash and next to you so they will feel comfortable and confident.
If you will be going out and don’t have someone that can watch them during the day or evening, please consider dropping them off for daycare or lodging at The Dog House Inn where they will be supervised and get healthy playful activity while you enjoy your day with peace of mind.

Premier Doggie Daycare, Boarding / Lodging and Dog Training Facility The Dog House Inn of Gilroy.
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