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On YouTube; "Corporals Corner" just completed an Q&A video that I liked. One of the mentions he made was about the "Alice Pack". It's essentially a bomb-proof military grade or surplus pack. While he did not say the words I think the intention is the same as my reasons for liking the G4Free and Frogg Toggs brands for certain items. Sometimes they are GE (good enough), LE (light enough), RE (repairs easy), replacement is a phone call away and it won't break the bank.

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Sleep System in a Bag
I was talking with the owner of 2GoSystems . I was trying to convince myself and Brian that I needed a custom made Velar Bivy that would fit me better. I have a Snugpak bivy that is about 86x30in. I tried it a few times but was never comfortable even when t...

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What happened to RSS feeds?

One topic thru-hikers never discuss seems to be transportation and how you get from your home to the trailhead followed by who takes care of your car for the six months you might be out on the trail. In a recent post johnsy picked his sister up at her house which she had just sold and they hit the trail that kind of makes sense.

Darwin posted "Ultralight Vs Traditional Packs - What's the Best for you?" I'm sure there is a place for a traditional pack but frankly making a video on the subject is a bit wonky. If you're in the market for a pack and you are not aware that there are lightweight and traditional packs then you deserve to be punished like me.

I do not consider alternatives to briefcases in this discussion...

My first hiking pack was a waterproof Yukon Outfitters. I had never considered lighter packs or even pack covers. I just wanted waterproof because I thought I was going to be dry all the time. Specially in the Florida Everglades. Sadly I was wrong. The humidity in FL is high enough that everything is going to get wet and it's better to dry your gear at some point in the day, however, that's not always possible in which case you want to hang your gear in an outside pocket. Also not possible.

After a number of different sizes and weights it has now become about features and weight is only a small component.

- shoulder strap pockets for camera, phone or water bottles
- hydration port just in case I want to configure for a hydro bag
- stretch pockets for jackets and tents when wet
- stretch pockets for a daytime quick access; like a snack, hat, jacket
- stretch pocket for water filtration
- some place to put trekking poles

Keep in mind that every extra zipper or shock cord adds to pack weight and single points of failure.

But somewhere in there it's all just stupid money. There is something to be said for the frogg togg approach. It's cheap, lightweight, durable enough, and a replacement is an amazon one-click away. My 50L G4Free cost $30 and only weighs 1lb-ish. For the price of a simplepack I could buy 7 of these G4s'. On the AT that would be a new pack every 300 miles.

I have blue stream broadband at the house but since I work from home I want a second internet connection [a] for testing certain product features that I cannot test elsewhere [b] as part of my DR plan and continuity with the rest of the company.

- ATT screwed up my order and the technician never arrived. So I had to cancel the order
- Comcast cannot seem to remember that my address has high speed access but now that are back to copper
- Verizon FIOS cannot decide whether I have fiber but seems to need my name and phone number before they will tell me

What a joke!

There was a time when I thought there was a minimum age for a registered iPad user. That seems no longer the case especially when you are in family mode.

The problem is that (1) unless you lock the app store anyone can install anything (2) there are limited constraints for in-app purchases (3) few apps self identify as social and what the scope of that social is.

My daughter plays Mommy and baby with her dolls but when she was asked an avitar 'im lonely' to be her mommy I lost my shit.

There must be a self identification and global parental control!!!

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From the WTF was I thinking folder
Ultralight ounce counters are out of their minds. They spend many multiples more on gear and consumables just to get the title "Ultralight" when there is clearly a spot on the curve between light weight and cost. Keep in mind I'm not suggesting carrying a f...

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DIY Just a couple of tarp things
I really like my 2GoSystems Reflex 100 but depending on what I'm doing my snugpak 9x5.5' packs smaller and weights less. The only problem, except for Snugpak's customer service and product support, is that the tarp is missing a few tie outs. Since I do not ...

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While I'm about to make a VMware driver change ... this seems to be the killer feature.
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