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Tyson Young
Singer, Songwriter, Author, Artist, lost somewhere in between.
Singer, Songwriter, Author, Artist, lost somewhere in between.

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I need some help with my Ubuntu Laptop!

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Make $1 - $3 a day with EarnHoney
Last one I promise.  I don't just sit online all day and try to earn extra money on the side I promise.  This is just an explosion of all of my money making habits I needed to get shared with you guys so you can get an idea of how to earn something extra du...

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Make simple money with InstaGC
I know I know another blog post about making money.  No I am not some crazy guy who just wants all the cash in the world.  I just figured this could be a good outlet to share my methods with friends and family who follow my blog, YouTube, or whatever else y...

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Make $50 a month with
I have been meaning to do a write up of this website for a long time now.  I have left this blog to the dust and realized that all of you are probably wondering what my life is up to.  Well wait no more! I wanted some spare money on the side because you kno...

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The blog train is starting up again! Choo Choo!

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So I wrote a book, and published it!
So a lot has happened since we last talked on my blog.  I have been gone for quite some time.  Between work, a child, buying a house, moving around, figuring life out... I can now say I feel a little more settled than I have in the past 3 years.  I can't be...

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This Nifty Indicator Lets You Quickly Rotate Your Screen on #Ubuntu

Sam, our backend web hamster, makes occasional use of a portrait monitor. He says it makes reading long terminal sessions easier.  I say it makes him weird. I digress; I know he’s not the only person who uses a monitor in portrait mode on occasion, i.e.…

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I am trying to install the latest Android-X86 5.1.1 R8 build from that came out on July 28 2015 but when I try and boot it up my boot screen looks like the image included below.

I have had a working 4.4 R3 on this device from but I want a newer OS than 4.4

My system specs are as follows
Intel i3 1.5 GHZ
4 GB Ram
500 GB HDD/SSD Hybrid
Intel Graphics 4200
1366X768 Display
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