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Testing decades old drugs show most still viable

"A dozen of the 14 [30+ year old] compounds were still as potent as they were when they were manufactured, some at almost 100 percent of their labeled concentrations."

This could have multi-million dollar implications for hospitals and government stockpiles.

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When nations try to work together it builds trust, reduces chance of war

"The review of 5,143 U.N. General Assembly voting records from 1946 through 2011, found that the process of nations working together over time builds trust and facilitates fast, transparent communication that raises the chance of resolving crises peacefully."

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Viking launches a 50TB SSD for enterprise

Handily besting the $10,000 15TB SSD from Samsung released last year in capacity but with significantly lower performance (~3x). However that capacity and drawing only 16 watts under load will be attractive for many data centers.

- 3.5" 6Gbps SAS interface
- 50TB capacity
- 500MB/s : 350MB/s sequential read : write speeds
- 60,000 : 10,000 read: write IOPS.
- Price: ?

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10 meter 4K HDR cinema screen from Samsung now open in Seoul

4,096 x 2,160 resolution, High Dynamic Range, full DCI compliance, and ten times the brightness of competing projection systems.

Great news for cinema buffs and let's be honest projection has had its day. It's just the modern day version of lighting a fire and throwing shapes up on a cave wall we can do better ;)

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France sets goal of phasing out petrol and diesel car sales by 2040

Other energy related targets set out by the new government sees coal use at zero and a reduced reliance on nuclear with newewable energy filling in the gap.

Norway has already stated it would phase out new petrol powered car sales by 2025. Possibly the most aggressive stance of any nation yet. The Netherlands is currently debating a similar time frame and Germany aims to do this by 2030.

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Battery breakthrough could drive performance in cold weather

Adding to the seemingly weekly breakthroughs in battery research and development we have here a new electrolyte (the medium enabling the movement of ions from the cathode to the anode) for lithium-ion batteries.

This new electrolyte is created by liquifying a gas under pressure. The resulting liquid is highly resistant to freezing. A battery made with this electrolyte suffers no loss of performance even in very low temperatures; down to -60C.

Icing on the cake is it could also increase energy density and safety of the cells.

Potentially this is a huge breakthrough from the University of California San Diego but most are still trying to move away from liquid catalysts altogether and into solid state batteries.

I'm very much inclined to think solid state batteries are the future but I'll take any advancement coming my way in the interim.

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Stronger and more crack resistant concrete

Stronger and more crack resistant concrete has been engineered with the addition of polymer fibers. The extra nice bit is these fibers can be made from old car tires.

"Not only could the technology help keep tires from ending up in landfills, but it should also reduce the number of times that concrete structures have to be replaced."

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Sales of Electric Cars soaring

We are now counting the number of pure electric cars on the road in the millions - two to be exact. A drop in the ocean compared to the estimated 1.2+ billion cars in the world but the shift is happening rapidly.

It has to be. We need to replace at least 600 million fossil fuel burning vehicles by 2040 if to have any chance of avoiding a 2°C rise in average global temperature (so says the International Energy Agency).

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The transition to electric cars will be rapid

Electric vehicles sales are still a relatively small part of the overall market but it is a booming segment. In the US there was a 74% rise (March 2016-2017), in the UK a 38% rise was seen in the first quarter of this year.

Half of new cars sold in Norway are electric and Norway has announced all new cars sold by 2025 will be EVs. A wonderful example from the nation of 5 million people and surely one many counties and states will wish to mirror.

India's 1.3 billion person strong market may send a stronger message though. Vehicle sales in India is experiencing very strong growth in line with economic growth. But with that comes a great demand for oil. India's move here is not just motivated by environmental and health concerns but it will save India $60 billion in energy costs by 2030.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts EVs will undercut combustion engine cars by 2022 and take 25% market share by 2040. Morgan Stanley analysis agrees but many think this could be a pessimistic prediction and the tipping point at rate of change could be even faster.

Tony Seba, economist at Stanford University, thinks combustion engine cars might not even be manufactured after 2024.

Time will tell but what we know as certain is the price of EVs is dropping rapidly, range is increasing, charge times are decreasing, and new and highly desirable features are being added to EVs at a rapid pace.

The combination of economic sense and the cool factor is generally unbeatable.

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How a dog called Olivia demonstrates the problem of sham science publications

Professor of health policy at Australia’s Curtin University, Mike Daube, wanted to highlight the problem of sham science journals. Profit motivated outfits charging researchers to publish and who don’t check credentials or peer review. Breading grounds for bad science - be the intentional or not.

So Mike signed up his dog for editorial positions to rate their selection process. Olivia ended up sitting ("sit, siiit, good girl") on seven editorial boards and has been asked to review an article on nerve sheath tumors.

Her interests include “avian propinquity to canines in metropolitan suburbs” and “the benefits of abdominal massage for medium-sized canines.”

Not a first for such a ruse. Earlier this year researchers sent fake resumes for a doctor who's Polish name translates as "Dr Fraud" to 360 scientific journals. 48 gave the fake doctor editorial positions.
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