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Nothing like a homemade soup to keep you warm during the winter months! 
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What's your favorite cut of steak?  I'm curious where people are on this subject!  For me, Hanger, more readily available option a beautifully marbled Rib Eye.
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Bone-in Ribeye...
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With Thanksgiving a few days away, what are you looking forward to the most?  Be sure to share pictures of your feast with us!
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Have them in circles
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What are your favorite holiday foods?  Looking for some inspiration!
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Oddly, I've grown a fondness of Fruitcake!
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We have a problem, we can't figure out if we prefer sweet dishes or savory dishes! Which do you tend to prefer, sweet or savory?
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This looks like a great drink for the end of a hot day!
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A food blog for everyday living
A food blog about more than just legumes, but also about legumes. The culmination of 3 food lovers and how they came together to share their experiences, creations and in some cases, disasters!

Lukewarm Legumes is a play on words, most people are familiar with the saying "cool beans" when two of the contributing authors (Tim and Tiffany) were talking about food one mentioned a rekindled interest in legumes and the conversation drifted... Next thing we know the term Lukewarm Legumes was thrown out as something Tiffany used to say and we had been hunting for a blog title for at least a month, we ran it by the other contributor (John) and here we are. Lukewarm Legumes, right?!?!?

We'll be documenting the experiences and lessons we learn on our road to culinary nirvana. More updates coming soon!