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Thomas Adams Experience
Awakening man to cosmic consciousness... Re-establishing the Kingdom of God.
My name is Thomas Adams. I am a just man, Father (Creator & Author) of Thomas Adams Experience.

Ever since a child, I never conformed to the ways of the world; never fitted into the "norms & system" of society and was looked upon as a "trouble-maker" because my natural instincts always lead me to initiate and establish a unique kind of change, a system of thinking and working which were deemed to be “ outrageously radical” by every organization I joined (and ultimately got kicked out from). Little did I know then, that this in fact was just the way I was meant to be and these natural instinctswere required for me to fulfill my calling and purpose.

Although I always could sense deep down that there was something seriously wrong with the ways of the world, I could not define what it was until the year 2007, when I began waking up and seeing things with a totally new perspective. “What is God’s system?” - a question that took over my brain and became the prime focus of my life. I was lead into a 37 day fast (no solid food, just water when needed). After that, I began getting divine insights (knowledge and wisdom) through flashes of inspiration. I could now CLEARLY SEE and seeing new things every day.

Every man ultimately wants the same thing.. to have DOMINION. This core desire is built into every man; this is the core essence of being man; and therefore the only way man can experience true freedom and bliss is by re-claiming and exercising dominion. Unfortunately, Man lacks in knowledge. Man lacks cosmic consciousness, cosmic awareness; is asleep; man does not know who he truly is yet; where he comes from and what is his status, power and authority. Man does not know the system of God; the science of God; Man does not know THE LAW (of God), and therefore fallen prey to a system of enslavement designed and controlled by a group of beings who are self-professed satanists, who have successfully managed to deceive and program man into their own image and likeness; to cause man to reject God, reject God’s system (ways and plan) for man; reject THE LAW; make his own god, make his own carnal system of “ways to his god” through bogus religions, make his own carnal system of law & government, his own carnal science, his own carnal system of calendar & time, language, food, clothing & shelter, healthcare and medicine, education, business trade and commerce, money etc.  Instead of being a steward of God’s property and managing it according to God’s will, man has taken ownership of God’s property, claimed it to be his own, and applied his own carnal system to it. He then uses deception and coercion to enforce his carnal system on another man to protect and grow this same carnal system. As an inevitable result of doing so, man has lost his birth-right, lost dominion, and suffers the penalties of transgressing THE LAW, in the form of wars, economic crisis, health problems, family & relationship problems etc etc. hurting himself in every possible way.

The solution to every one of man’s problems is OBEDIENCE TO THE LAW. When man conducts every aspect of his life in accordance to God’s system, when every domain is operated in accordance to God’s system (Rule of Law, Calendar & Time, Language, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Healthcare & Medicine, Education, business etc. ; man WILL re-claim his birth-right, re-claim dominion and experience true freedom and bliss. More freedom and bliss no man can have.
The only way, man will reconcile with God and obey the Law is when man KNOWS The Law. The only way, man can know The Law, is when is when man SEEKS to know The Law. The only way man can seek The Law is when he starts to AWAKEN to cosmic consciousness.

Man will not wake up by preaching and teaching alone. He will wake up by EXPERIENCING fruits of the Kingdom of God. He needs to see and feel the effects of living in the Kingdom of God. Therefore I, together with a team of genius fellow-men create experiences (products & services), in various major domains of influence - Food, Clothing, Housing & Shelter, Healthcare and Medicine, Trade and Commerce, Education, Music etc. for fellow men to experience the Kingdom of God, wake them up and initiate the desire in them to SEEK the Kingdom of God, then KNOW it, then OBEY it, then re-claim dominion for themselves and as a result, freed from the chains of the carnal-slavery-system of man, immune to all its devastating effects, ultimately experiencing true freedom and bliss.

My God-assigned mission is to awaken mankind to cosmic consciousness, re-claim dominion and re-establish the Kingdom of God on earth. This is what Thomas Adams Experience is all about.
Thomas Adams Experience is NOT a Church and has nothing to do with religion. It’s pure business. God’s business.
I am here about my Father’s business.

Finally, I am not God. Neither do I nor any members of my family or team claim to know it all. Although we have come to a decent level of cosmic consciousness, and stay in accordance to The Law in all our work, we do this to the best of our knowledge, ability and practical circumstances. We are not fully illumined and still in the process of waking up; and therefore sometimes, may miss a thing or two. Nevertheless, welcome to Thomas Adams Experience..  Experience the Kingdom of God.