Google Comments W/Digital Signatures

We seem to be moving one step closer to Google's Agent Rank ( with Google announcing their own third party comment system, where your comments can be tied to your Google Plus profile. This would mean that comments are "signed" with digital signatures.

Google's patent on Content Author Badges also anticipate a third party comment system that associates Google profiles with comments:

I just wish that I didn't hate using a 3rd party commenting system so much - there's too little control over them, and if they are discontinued, you're just out of luck. And I don't want to use a comment system that would wipe out the thousands of comments that people have left on my blog for years.

Would Google be smart enough to implement something like this in such a way so that it can work with an existing comment system instead of replacing it completely, so that old comments can be retained, and so that people can choose which commenting system they use?

What are the implications of such a comment system?

1. They can help cut down on blog spam comments such as those with anchor text keywords in name fields.

2. Their "indexing" value can be tied to an author's reputation, and a comment from an author with a good reputation might potentially increase the rank of a page that it appears upon.

3. They add a level of verification, so for instance, when Google's +Matt Cutts leaves a comment on your blog, it's not some faker with an IP address from Amsterdam (happened to me a couple of times lately.)

4. They will likely make it possible for you to share your comments on your Google Plus posts pages as well.

It's not a surprise that Google is adding a commenting system to use on the Web, that would be tied to Google Accounts.

The next step somewhere down the line is some kind of "syndication" markup for authors, that enables people to describe where they've syndicated content...
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