The Value of Mutant Augmented Search Results

Google has been transforming search results for Forum threads, for Q&A pages, for pages that include listings of events, and others for a while now.

Sometimes they also include breadcrumb navigation in a search result instead of a URL for the page listed, and announced in a 2009 blog post that they would be. A Google patent application published this week describes some of the ways that they might learn about the structure of a site to include search result breadcrumbs.

You don't necessarily need to have breadcrumb navigation on your pages for Google to augment your search result that way, but it looks like it might help.

The question is though, is it worth it?

Does having that kind of navigation draw more eyeballs to your search result, make it stand out, and possibly engender more trust or credibility in searchers because of how your page is presented by Google?
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